A Deadly Bet Summers #1 [E–pub/E–book]

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  • A Deadly Bet Summers #1
  • Jen Cousineau
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  • 15 April 2020
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Jen Cousineau ´ 8 Summary A Deadly Bet Summers #1 Download Ç 108 Supposed to be a girl’s celebration for her friends twenty first birthday turned into the worst mistake of her life Veronica makes a deadly bet that destroys everything she loves Four years later Veronica has a life altering decision to make Stay for all the loves of her past and hop. GoshI hate doing this I don t like giving a bad review The writing had lots of flaws The dialogue between characters was really weird like they weren t responding to the same conversation sometimes very inappropriately timed lightening of conversation The prologue was completely confusing and not in the way where you just don t understand what is going on yet then because the characters are so blas about the events when they are explained in chapter 1 I almost assume it must have been a dream certainly that would garner some attentionI ended up skimming through the last 25% to see how it ended not pretty

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A Deadly Bet Summers #1

Jen Cousineau ´ 8 Summary A Deadly Bet Summers #1 Download Ç 108 Veronica's life was right on track Attending University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and trying to complete her final year she had amazing friends was happily in love with her best friend and was just working to make all of her dreams come true One night changed her whole world What was. I was given an ARC copy for a honest reviewFirstly I want to say that I love this book The mystery that occured made it a non stop read until I was finished This story entails the life of Veronica who experienced the worst just by agreeing to a simple bet which proved to be deadly She experienced pain in the most torturous ways However she tries to get through this trouble by living with three drop dead gorgeous men and an old and frail Grandmother after witnessing a deadly accidentVeronica s becomes shocked when she hears what she had missed in the last 4 years She finds it hard to leave as she doesn t want to put them in danger by staying but she finds it hard to stay away from the hot Chase Summers Veronica feels that Chase is The One for her but she feels used and unworthy of Chase s love This doesn t seem to affect Chase as he loves her as much as he used to when they were littleThe three Summer boys try to find out what Veronica went through however as the truth unveils will the Summer boys be able to contain themselves when they find out about Veronicas unwanted baggageBest Read of 2014

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Jen Cousineau ´ 8 Summary A Deadly Bet Summers #1 Download Ç 108 E for the best or plan an escape for the ultimate love of her future If she breaks her word and leaves can she keep her loved ones safe Can she survive if she fails Content Warning This book is for mature audiences only due to sexual content including sexual violence and strong languag. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review I wanted to start off by saying I LOVE CHASE SUMMERS He is sexy as sin and the sweetest guy EVERThis book was an interesting read I wasn t sure what I was going to get into but it sure wasn t what the book I was thinking about Holy hell some of the stuff that Veronica went thru was absolutely heart breaking Though at times she seems pretty whiney you definitely see her as a strong woman to do what she did Veronica made a bet with the wrong person 4 years ago and ever sense then her live has been nothing put pain But after she finds out she s pregnant she decides she needs to leave her situation now to help save her unborn child This is when everything goes to shit After witnessing a fatal incident Veronica heads to the only place she ever really felt at home Back to her grandmothers This is where she meets up with the Summer boys who are all unfairly drop dead gorgeous after 4 long years This is also when she see Chase the lost love of her life since she broke up with him While Chase and the other Summer boys try to drag information from Veronica they are horrified to know that she went through that and they weren t there to help her Chase is determined to keep Veronica and her unborn at his side He ll do ANYTHING to prevent Veronica from going back to where she was beforeVeronica s past finds her and is looking to take her back and show her how much of a naughty girl she s been She s petrified and this is when the Summer boys and even little ole grandma steps in Will they be able to keep Veronica her baby and everyone safe Or will Veronica end up going back to what she ran away fromI really enjoyed reading this book It was hard for me to put this down so that I could do actual work I can t wait to see what happens in the next book with Trey Summers