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  • The Heartbroken Heartbreaker
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  • 05 October 2020
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Summary The Heartbroken Heartbreaker Sam Madison Ò 0 review Free read Ë The Heartbroken Heartbreaker S planning to get it By goingout with the school’s biggest player; the person her ex boyfriend loathes the most Seth Everettwhat happens to kyla and seth after the epilog. Like most of the books I read lately I wasn t sure whether to put five or four stars and if I should add the book to my favorites list or not But anyway I decided this deserved five stars and it should be on my favorites listI started reading this maybe weeks or has that been already than a month after graduation That was the time when I was just looking up books and then reading and reading the whole day That was fun and lovely I was so distressed to find that this book wasn t finished But anyway when Sam updated I was so ecstatic because I just wanted Seth and Kyla to get togetherTo cut things short I wanted I wanted of Seth and Kyla because it felt like ever since Kyla admitted her feelings there weren t lots of Seth Kyla any But yeah That was a shallow pointStill what I loved about this book is the last chapter and the epilogue The last chapter is practically the end of the book the part where everything becomes okay On that last part Seth and Kyla didn t get

Summary The Heartbroken HeartbreakerThe Heartbroken Heartbreaker

Summary The Heartbroken Heartbreaker Sam Madison Ò 0 review Free read Ë The Heartbroken Heartbreaker When Kyla Evans was dumped by her best friend slash boyfriend Cedric she was devastated Convinced that her whole life came tumbling down she promised that she would definit. but happy endings are nothing but nostalgia for the presentI honestly couldn t read the ending it was all too muchIt s been a while since I ve last felt such intense feelings and let me just say I m not the kind of person who uits especially reading books But this one hit me so damn hard I thought it was going to be another cliche wattpad novel but no God knows it wasn t I got the overall outcome of the book So the message was delivered Straight to my friggin broken heartNot usually so melodramatic but you know what they say desperate times

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Summary The Heartbroken Heartbreaker Sam Madison Ò 0 review Free read Ë The Heartbroken Heartbreaker Ely get back at him seeking nothing but revengeShe abandoned her glasses and sweatshirts determined to make Cedric regret ever dumping her What she wants Revenge How she’. Kyla got dumped by her boyfriend Cedric for no apparent reason other than the it s complicated bullshit To make matters worse she got into a fight with her bestfriend Hail plus her mother doesn t seem to care about her any Feeling hurt broken and alone Kyla decided to be strong and change herself And change came with a person named Seth Everett and his idea to get revenge by dating himI was supposed to go to the mall earlier but after reading the beautiful author s note I was hooked so I decided to postpone my plan and sit on my comfy chair and began reading I have read numerous of books but I rarely read the author s note just the first line or something XDAnywaysThe Heartbroken I love the development of Kyla s character From a whiny bitchy girl to a mature intelligent woman Like Seth I like how she could see past the bad side of a person I love how she finally moved on and dealt with her past and became a much splendid person than she was Wish I could read Kyl