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Servants of the Wankh Read & Download ↠ 104 S forced to make a dangerous choice Inevitably he must risk everything against the enigmatic Wannek and their devious human servants the WannekmenTschaiThe Wannek is part 2 of 4 of TschaiTschai is a planet orbiting the star Carina 4269 212 light years from Earth It. Can t finish this There is a lot of rich detail here but I just can t drill into this Lemming

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Servants of the Wankh Read & Download ↠ 104 After crashing on Tschai Adam Reith's scout ship is impossibly damaged Reith must find another vessel to return to Earth Having rescued the beautiful Ylin Ylan Reith is assured of assistance from her father if he delivers her back to Cath; but as events unfold he i. The writing of Jack Vance is like macaroni art created by Picasso at once playful artistic and thought provokingHis 1969 novel Servants of the Wankhe takes over immediately after the events covered in City of the Chasch and continues his Tschai series published all together as Planet of AdventureProtagonist Adam Reith is still marooned on the alien planet Tschai still traveling with his friends Traz Onmale and Anacho and still trying to figure out a way to get back home This time he and his troupe of misfits goes after an alien spaceship to fly back to EarthThis episode follows the group s visit to the home of uppity female Ylin Ylan and a closer look at the WankheVance has described Tschai as being populated by a diverse set of humans hybrids and four alien races all or less hostile to each other and the humans There are the Chasch the Wankhe the Dirdir and the Pnume Whereas the first book dealt primarily with one race the reptilian Chasch divided into three main groups Old Chasch the Blue Chasch and the barbarian Green Chasch this second book is about the Wankhe an amphibious raceInterestingly according to an article in Wikipedia Vance replaced Wankh with Wannek throughout the text in later editions Vance was convinced to change the name after learning of the meaning of the word wank in British and Commonwealth slang Throughout my earlier pre change text I of course smirked freuently in a sophomoric and low brow pass at humor and yelled out loud Wankers Throw in a bawdy limerick and I d be hookedAnyway maybe the most intriguing part to Vance s Tschai vision is that humans on Tschai brought to the planet millennia earlier after having been brought from pre historic Earth are grouped into sub races below their master race So there are Pnumekin Chaschmen Dirdirmen and Wankhmen who follow and resemble their alien patrons due to selective breeding surgery and the desire of the humans to emulate their respective masters uoting again WikipediaThis one is cerebral and less action packed than the first book and reminded me of Frank Herbert s The Dosadi Experiment Vance fills this entertaining tale with intrigue and palace maneuvering alongside hidden meanings similar in design and setting with his 1976 novel Maske ThaeryMore good fun from a man who knew how to throw down a SFF gem and the train kept a rollin on past and on to book 3 The Dirdir

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Servants of the Wankh Read & Download ↠ 104 Is populated by three alien mutually hostile species; the displaced native Pnume; and various human races some of whom live as slaves or clients of the aliens Each of the four novels relates Reith's adventures with one of the species and is named after that specie. This is the second novel in the Planet of Adventure tetralogy Jack Vance could build very original and complex alien worlds and cultures The first book in the series concentrated on the Chasch and our protagonist Adam Reith of Earth and his journey to auire a space ship to return him home This second book involves Reith s side journey to return the beautiful Princess Ylin Ylan The Flower of Cath back to her father after he rescued her from a strange religious cult in the first book Along the way he runs afoul of the human servants of the Wankh The Wankh are a very interesting alien race that communicates through musical sounds and chords that create an image This limits the communication they can have with other races so they are dependent on their servants who have their own agenda