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  • Wolfs Little Red
  • L.R. Black
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  • 07 November 2018
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Wolfs Little Red Summary ✓ 100 His lairand this time there's no one to save her He's possessive hungry and playing for keeps He's going to claim his little red for himselfbut little d. PerfectThis was a perfectly delicious Halloween short Looking forward to shorts LR Black writes swoon worthy alphas and Xander was no exception Another Must Read

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Wolfs Little Red Summary ✓ 100 We all know the childhood story of Little Red Riding Hood and The WolfYeah this isn’t itRed's all grown up now and the wolf is all set to lure her to. Halloween shortThis was a very short Halloween read telling the story of the night they meet Not much to it as it s mostly inner dialogue and no epilogue

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Wolfs Little Red Summary ✓ 100 Oes he know just how badly she craves him in returnWarningThis book is a dirty little Halloween short story full of naughty fun and a HEAEnter if you da. Nothing wrong with a uick and steamy readWho doesn t love a short read just to wet your appetiteWolf s Little Red has it all and it leaves just enough to build on tooWell worth one clicking this steamy short for LR Black