EBOOK / KINDLE (O Vendedor de Passados) By José Eduardo Agualusa

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  • O Vendedor de Passados
  • José Eduardo Agualusa
  • Estonian
  • 09 September 2020
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O Vendedor de Passados Read & Download ¸ 104 José Eduardo Agualusa ç 4 Free read Free download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç José Eduardo Agualusa öritaval kiirusel olevikku mõjutama ning võimatu osutub võimalikuks„Minevike müüja“ on lõikav kuid samas lustakas ja südamlik satiir tänapäeva Angola ühiskonnast ning lisaks või vahest ehk eelkõige mõtisklus mälust ja selle vääratustestJose Eduardo Agualusa on Portugali keeles kirjutav Angoola kirjanik ja ajakirjanik s 1960 Tema haare ulatub ilukirjandusest reportaažide ja raadiosaadeteni Agualusa rikkalikust ja 20 keelde tõlgitud loomingust rahvusvaheliselt ehk tuntuim on rom. Very strange novella and I don t know why it won the awards and plaudits that it did Am I the boy declaring the emperor has no clothes or have I missed the point Either way I wouldn t recommend spending your own money on it This should probably be either 1 or 4 but as I don t know which I m compromising on 2THEMESIt is about truth and lies dreams and reality memory predestination fitting in and the difference between having a dream and making one but it s superficial than that makes it soundPLOTIt s set in Angola though there s little sense of Africa in it and is about Felix an albino bibliophile with mild OCD whose business is to Guarantee your children a better past I invent dreams for people I am not a forger Some chapters they are typically only a page or two tell of Jos Buchmann acuiring a new past and others are dreams Felix says his job is an advanced kind of literature I create plots I invent characters but rather than keeping them trapped in a book I give them life launching them into realityFelix isn t the only one changing the past and creating new futures his teacher was moved by the helplessness of certain words He saw them as down on their luck abandoned in some desolate place in the language and he sought to recover them while his client Buchmann comes to believe in his new past than Felix thought possible and is told You invented him and now he s begun to invent himselfIMAGERYThere are some nice images It was as though it were raining night as though falling from the sky were the thick fragments of that sleepy black ocean through which the stars navigate their course and uirky ideas a castle which had crenelations added to make it look authentic and soon the locals swore it had always had them If it were authentic no one would believe in it but the plot meanders until suddenly the penultimate chapter ties up everything in a mad rush Very unsatisfyingGECKO or CHAMELEONFor no very obvious reason much of this story is told by a gecko rather than an eponymous chameleon Granted there are parallels with people living chameleon like lives but if that s the point why not have a chameleon narrator maybe it s because Geckos are uniue among lizards in their vocalizations according to Wikipedia More likely it s a translation problem albeit a rather prominent one original Portuguese title is O Vendedor de Passados which means something like Seller of the Past Lies are OK because they are common in nature What is camouflage for instance but a lie Back to chameleons rather than geckosCONCLUSIONI think it s somewhat pretentious lacking the profundity it seems to crave the pacing is annoyingly inconsistent slow and apparently aimless most of the time until a frantic end and I never understood the point of the gecko

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O Vendedor de Passados

O Vendedor de Passados Read & Download ¸ 104 José Eduardo Agualusa ç 4 Free read Free download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç José Eduardo Agualusa Félix Ventura peab veidrat ametit – ta müüb võltsitud minevikke Tema kliente – edukaid ettevõtjaid poliitikuid kindraleid ühesõnaga Angola tärkavat kodanlust – ootab ees kindel tulevik Kuid neil ei ole ilusat minevikku Félix mõtleb neile välja rikkaliku sugupuu hangib värvikate esivanemate portreed ja õnnelikud mälestused Tema jaoks läheb elu hästi Ühel õhtul ilmub Félixi majja aga kummaline võõras kes tahab endale angolalase identiteeti Ja ühtäkki hakkab minevik peadpö. We re in Angola after that country won independence from Portugal But even though the fighting is over there is still political upset and people trying to settle old scores There are so many folks who want to run away from their pasts that our main character an African albino has a business inventing new past lives for people He ll give you old family photos and biographical sketches of your mother father siblings and tell you what your childhood was like Most of the plot in this short book consists of interactions with the main character s clients and the women he brings home with some surprises in both departments We learn a little bit of the horrors of the war Splendor of Portugal by Antonio Lobo Antunes which I reviewed gives us about war in Angola And did I say the narrator is a gecko A bit strange but a good read that has won several literary prizes

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O Vendedor de Passados Read & Download ¸ 104 José Eduardo Agualusa ç 4 Free read Free download Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç José Eduardo Agualusa Aan “Minevikkude müüja” “O Vendedor de Passados” 2006 mis võitis esimese aafrika raamatuna Independent Foreign Fiction Prize’i Kui mõjuv osa kaasaegsest rahvusvaheliselt levivast aafrika kirjandusest kujutab endast kriitilist ja realistlikku vastukaja kontinendi sotsiaalsetele oludele otsib Agualusa rasketele teemadele pisut mängulisemaid lahendusi tasub vaid mainida et “Kameeleonide raamatu” jutustaja on soovijatele uusi minevikke müüva peategelase seinal elav sõbralik sisalik. Brief and rather uirky novel set in Angola The narrator is a gecko living in the house of Felix Ventura The gecko is articulate and charming he appears to have been a man in a previous life and he dreams Felix likes the lizard and talks to him Felix is an albino who creates memories and a past for people Come to Felix and he will provide documentation and photographs of grandparents and illustrious ancestors One client in particular really believes in the past he has been given and becomes the person that has been created for him The novel employs magic realism and is at times rather disjointed there is a basic storyline with someone s real past catching up with him There is a love interest and a fair amount of photographyOn the whole I enjoyed the novel it is a little slight but the dream seuences are good and there is one great line spoken to Felix when young and about to lose his virginityChastity is a pointless agony kid And one I m happy to fix