Nul Points (PDF)

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  • Nul Points
  • Tim Moore
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  • 24 May 2020
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Free download ´ Nul Points º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Fifty years after Jetty Paerl took to the Lugano stage and burst into 'The Birds of Holland' the Eurovision Song Contest is still luring 450 million of us to the sofa on that special Saturday night in May But where once we settled down to admire the 'top uality original songwriting' that the contest was inaugurated to showcase throughout the long post ABBA decades Eurovision has come to entertain us for all the wrong reasons we chortle at its magnificent foolishness its stubborn reinforcement of the crudest national stereotypes at a scoreboard shamelessly corrupted by cross border friendship and hatred An. In this book Tim tries to track down those who had the most ignoble experience at the very kitsch Eurovision Song Contest those that had Nul Points At times hilarious at times moving at times making me angry A good read very enjoyable overall

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Free download ´ Nul Points º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Irteen Eurominstrels who have come and gone without troubling the scorers since Norway's Jahn Teigen twanged his silver braces and leapt splay legged off the Palais des Congres stage in 1978 From Lisbon to Lithuania from the Black Sea to the Baltic Moore travels the continent to hear their extraordinary stories 'poignant ludicrous and heartwarming in almost eual measure' recounting as he does so the no less improbable history of Eurovision itself a towering cathedral of cheese that can nonetheless claim responsibility for keeping Norway out of the EU and catalysing the overthrow of a Portuguese dictatorsh. This is the first book I have read by Tim Moore and it certainly made me want to search out by the author The lure here for me was the author s uniue approach to the history of one of the annals of musical history that has been touched upon in recent years but not in the realm of Eurovision that of failure The stories of the likes of Norway s Jan Tiegel upto Great Britain s very own Jemini and their spectacular failures really chronicle the art of failure and truly celebrate those artists who came so far and then left with literally nothing Laugh and cry along with each chapter and see how failure can no just destroy but inspire you to once again achieve

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Free download ´ Nul Points º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D as post modern connoisseurs of showbiz meltdown our focus has shifted from the blandly competent winners to the spangled hapless table propping losers those left to wander the lonely windswept summit of Mount Fiasco The gold standard of farcical failure the benchmark of badness to score nul points is to suffer international ignominy and find sympathetic understanding replaced by brutal guffaws Remorseful of his own longstanding contributions to the latter chorus yet darkly fascinated with those lives shadowed by the entertainment world's most grandiose humiliation Tim Moore sets off to track down the th. I love Eurovision and I love reading so a book about Eurovision should be great And when I read all these great reviews I knew I was onto a winner A twelve pointer so to say However I was very disappointed I didn t understand the first few paragraphs and even after reading it several times I was not much the wiser And then the stories about the 0 points themselves Since I live in Norway I was especially interested in Jahn Teigen and the other Norwegians I started with Jahn Teigen and before I had read one page I was not only skipping words I was skipping sentences and then whole paragraphs I tried Jemini s song in the back but found that eually hard going For some reason and very strange since it is a book and they are usually known like it I found the book to be too wordy I found this book a nul pointer much worse than Mil etter Mil by Jahn Teigen and wouldn t recommend it to anybody