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  • The Charmers
  • Stella Gibbons
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  • 07 January 2019
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Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stella Gibbons Stella Gibbons Ä 4 Download characters ´ The Charmers 104 Artists Charmed by a previous mystical experience her spirituality is nurtured further by the tenants who seem stuck in their own. Just so racist I m not sure if Stella Gibbons is saying her charmers are racist or if Stella Gibbons was just a massive racist It does cast a nasty lil shadow through the novel but it is also a fascinating glimpse into the casual prejudices of the era the whole British class thing Everything about this novel feels like the last of its kind the characters and the novel itself have the sense of being a dying breed waiting to be swept aside by the new order of the Sixties This is a uiet prim really uite sweet drama of social s and small liberations but if it wasn t for the time and place London in the Sixties it maybe wouldn t hold much interest for me at least There s just something about that point in time this was published in 1965 that whatever was in the air just seeped into everything even a novel like this seems infused by these odd little touches that hint at some latent awakening Christine s epiphany on what she calls That Day then there s this beautifully unexpected passage where she walks past a vase of white irises and as she passed it two things happened to Christine She thought that the flowers looked as if they were going to fly away any minute and she began to tread lightly Just that out of nowhere as if Gibbons is saying that beyond all the everyday bustle the snobbery and pettiness there is something sacred something mystical and that that is what everyone even someone like Christine is really seeking So a bit of an oddity I don t know something about this novel was so interesting and some things here there s no point making excuses for Either way an important social document which deserves salvaging from the Pit of Forgotten and Unwanted Books

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Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stella Gibbons Stella Gibbons Ä 4 Download characters ´ The Charmers 104 Thrown out of her long established office job Miss Christine Smith takes up a new role as housekeeper for a group of middle aged. Utterly charmingLoved it so of its time

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Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Stella Gibbons Stella Gibbons Ä 4 Download characters ´ The Charmers 104 Personal lull Written in the 1960s surrounded by social and political transitions the novel focuses on change or the lack thereo. I continue to be astonished by Gibbons Maybe because I find her such a surprising mix of things She s hilarious and sometimes makes me laugh out loud And yet though often her characters are comic figures they re most always than that She s in sympathy with all of them One story she likes to tell is of a character a dowdy antiheroine named Miss Smith in this novel who finds her circumstances bettered This is never the end of the story for Gibbons but the beginning and here we watch Miss Smith adjust to this new reality with all the awkwardness and shifts in her understanding of her identity that entailsAmidst an Austen esue and I think somehow also Woolf ian comic tone Gibbons writes about her characters experiences of the mystical in this book in particular In this case early in the novel Gibbons describes an experience Miss Smith has that she comes to refer to in shorthand as That Day wherein she s given a glimpse of the world as beautiful in a spiritual sense And for the rest of the novel she returns to That Day as a touchstone and tries to work out what it means and how it sits with the rest of her life As she puzzles over a uestion she feels muddled about and hears the advice of others ringing in her head she thinks Only That Day was silent She did not know she had not the dimmest faintest idea of what That Day would say or how its voice would sound Had it a voice That Day And this is followed by I must be going crackers she thought Maybe part of the surprise is that Miss Smith seems an unlikely candidate to be graced with these intimations of the beyond She s down to earth earnest bewildered though she does think for herself The characters Gibbons often gifts with these experiences are not the ones who would ever think of writing or even reading poems she chooses the most unromantic of her characters for these experiences and her doing so feels to me like an insistence that these experiences are open to all and not the exclusive domain of the uiveringly sensitive amongst which I m afraid I must count myself a type she tends to poke fun atOne difficulty of this novel and others I ve read though to a lesser extent is the overt racism of their setting and the racism of many of the characters So far at least the novels themselves don t seem to be advocating a racist standpoint but still it makes for discomfort in the reading of this one in particular