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  • Mischief and Marriage
  • Emma Darcy
  • English
  • 10 February 2020
  • 9780373118151

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Mischief and Marriage review ☆ 3 review Mischief and Marriage R To his surprise Harry found he liked the idea of an instant family But he'd need than young William's help to persuade Ashley to trust in love aga. Hmm I can t understand why I didn t like it that much I think maybe it didn t go all out and was just fringing on this side of safe Plus the hero was gallant and protective but I didn t get to see much of his funny side although I m sure it must have existedOh well

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Mischief and Marriage

Mischief and Marriage review ☆ 3 review Mischief and Marriage Ley Harcourt's mind when she met HarryBut William Ashley's enterprising young son had other ideas He saw Harry and decided he'd make a perfect fathe. AdorableThis is SO RIGHT UP MY ALLEY It is filled with humor and sweetness and adorable characters and HELLO WAY OTT LOVE SCENE hhhhhaaaaaaaaa let me find my favorite uote and scrappy little kid delicious hero and even a super crazy bit o paranormal ghostly stuff at the endLOLOLOLOLOLLove This Book So very uirkyOkay let me look for one of the awesome sex scene uoteshold onleaving her totally unprepared for such an explosion of exuisite sensation the sheer billowing glory of it seizing her body holding it in thrall to the momentwhen she was no longer herself but him too an entity that belonged to both of them yet than either of the two like an ecstatic star burst that she imagined must have fired the dawn of creationOh My God There is a sexy description you don t see every day in a Harly LOVE ITGrade A

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Mischief and Marriage review ☆ 3 review Mischief and Marriage When Ashley met Harry Mischief was what Harry Clifton intended when he traveled to Australia in search of an heir Marriage was the last thing on Ash. Mischief and Marriage is the story of Ashley and HarryA sweet love story filled with deception romance and a hint of paranormal this one has A hero still mourning his dead first love and when his butler informs him of a long lost relative who could potentially be the next Harcourt heir he decides to fly to Australia to investigate as he s not ready to procreate There he meets Ashley and her son William wife to his late and very distant cousin and soon becomes their knight in shining Armour as well as their imposed butler as he is instantly taken by them He wins over both their hearts reintroduces Ashley to love while discovering its meaning himself rescues her from all her problems and becomes a father figure to William They then fly back to Harcourt where a ghost ties it all together ending in a sweet HEAHonestly the cover page is a spoiler to the epilogue but too adorable I liked that the heroine did not judge the hero and without much drama admitted their love for each other acknowledging the attraction instead of running around the issueFor all this and the heartbreaking prologue because I love Emma Darcy and this was an ode to her husband an extra half starSafe355 Oh my god The prologue broke my heart Dear ReaderFour years ago my husband became very ill with a rare condition that affected his whole system It was a devastating blow but we determined then to find all the joy we could in the time that was left to us It was especially hard when my husband lost most of his vision but he could still live the stories I read to him in his mindThrough it all he wanted the stories to go on to give what he could to them Mischief and Marriage was our last book together and features a ghost My husband made up the rules for ghostland One of them was that love knew no boundaries The only boundaries that existed were those that people imposed themselvespeople imposed themselvesMy husband passed away on 14th March 1995I hope that reading Mischief and Marriage brings you as much joy as it brought to Frank and me while we were creating itBest wishesEmma Darcyinsert tears