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Glenda Horsfall Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ã Playing for Keeps Pointed that the ‘highlight’ of the weekend is to be a costume party A costume party is not the kind of role play she’s fantasized about She is surprised when she realizes it will be a party for two and that Matt has actually taken her to a BDSM clubCassie agrees to be his ‘love slave’ for the weekend and promises to obey all her ‘Master’s’ comman. Now this is an explicitly exciting read good main characters with fitting secondary characters Well paced with well written examples in BDSM for the characters This breathtaking read promises and delivers sensualism eagerness titillation indulgence and fulfilment Cassie is looking to add some excitement to her relationship with boyfriend Matt Communication appears to be a measure of difficulty between them generating confusion and doubt in both Cassie and Matt for the future of their relationship Cassie tries to initiate role play without much success although Matt does not understand Cassie s desires the thought of what Cassie is asking him leaves him a little cold Matt considers her reuests he wants to fulfil her needs he wants her to want him but all he perceives it to be is abuse and humiliation Matt delves into the world BDSM and discovers not only a hidden side of himself but gets a greater understanding of Cassie s real needs Can Matt take Cass

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Glenda Horsfall Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ã Playing for Keeps Ds Matt is surprised at her enthusiasm and is turned on by her ready acceptance of his dominationAt last he understands her desire to role play and Matt indulges her fantasies along with a few of his own However the weekend away has changed their relationship and has taken them in a direction he hadn’t foreseen Now he’s wondering if they can survive the chang. Recommended by a friend I read this book in one sitting and was taken by surprise that this was a debut novel From a new author that s saying a lot By the time I finished the book I craved for and wished Horsfall had books on her shelf Back to the book Playing for Keeps is a book about communication and trust between partners The chemistry between Matt and Cassie sizzled to new dimensions when Cassie spices up their sex life with role play Although uncomfortable with the idea Matt loves Cassie enough to try it over a special birthday weekend vacationTogether they embark on a huge learning curve and explore the world of BDSM and the roles of Dom and Sub Although the cover to the book is dark and mysterious don t be misled This is definitely a book about love and reaching out and exploring as a couple Communication Trust and truly Gifting oneself brings about immense pleasure THAT is why BDSM works for couples This book is well crafted and the love scenes


Glenda Horsfall Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ã Playing for Keeps Matt is worried Their relationship is in trouble Cassie has been begging him to add role play to their lovemaking but the kind of role Cassie wants him to play leaves him cold When he discovers her stash of erotic romance novels he comes to suspect that what she really wants is dominanceMatt takes Cassie away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday She is disap. Sex sex kinky sex domination and submission anal sex sex kinky sex I imagine you get the point Ms Horsfall does not leave much to the imagination but that being said her book Playing for Keeps kept me reading and interested throughout I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read it in one sitting