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  • 18 November 2018
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Lorraine Heath Æ 9 Summary

Texas Glory Summary ó 109 Summary Texas Glory Belonged to him he caught a glimpse of another ambition a warm radiant desire of the heart Was this the woman who would walk beside him as together they carved out a rich future with all the promise of lo. Oh my word these Leigh cowboys are something elseLoved this one too Actually I loved it a little than Texas Destiny Dallas was a bigger and bolder character than Houston was I had expected that but what I didn t expect was how big his heart was and how much love he had to giveCordelia was his saving grace Truly Neither of them knew it but as they ventured towards the big dream that Dallas had she would be the one to show him what true dreams were made ofI loved having Houston and Amelia very present in their story along with little miss Maggie May And Austin what a loving soul he is Dallas and Dee shared some pretty wonderful moments but they also shared some pretty tough ones too The last few chapters had me crying and sniffling all the way through The silver lining for me was Rawley He was such a

Summary Texas Glory

Texas Glory

Texas Glory Summary ó 109 Summary Texas Glory She was given to a strangerCordelia Mcueen was a virtual prisoner in her father's house Until everything changed when she was shamelessly traded in a battle for land and water rights and thrust into an un. Finally on KindleI know people including myself who paid a small fortune on eBay for used copies of these books but I just discovered they re FINALLY available got kindle These 3 books are seriously 3 of my favorite historical romances and worth every penny And yes I ll be buying them again Texas Destiny Texas Glory Splendor review Texas Glory is the second book in Lorraine Heath s Texas Trilogy and to be honest I just wasn t sure how much I d enjoy it because the first book Texas Destiny was such an amazing read that I didn t see how this one could possibly compare Well I m glad to say my fears were for naught This was uite simply put an incredibly emotional story I liked Dallas in the first book but I love him now In Texas Destiny Dallas Leigh stood and watched not without putting up a fight h

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Texas Glory Summary ó 109 Summary Texas Glory Familiar world as the bride of Dallas Leigh He belonged to the landDallas had given his life to the land Now he aimed to put West Texas on the map But as he gazed into the eyes of the lovely stranger who. I don t like books where most of the conflict is based on mis communication and inaccurate assumptionsHe loves her but never says the words So she thinks he does not love her so she s going to leave But she won t tell him why So he thinks she does not love him He lets her go without saying anything Of course this just confirms to her that he doesn t careAnother example She was a virgin When they have sex for the first time she thinks he feels pain based on his grunts and groans So she says we don t need to have any sex He thinks she doesn t want him So now they don t have sex for a long timeWhen he does nice things for her she says to herself he s not doing it for me he s doing it for this other reasonThe book does not elicit romantic feelings So then the author brings in a secondary sto