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  • Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus
  • D.A. Carson
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  • 24 August 2020
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D.A. Carson ´ 9 Summary

D.A. Carson ´ 9 Summary Summary Ï Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ess to the cross Carson shows that this strange irony has deep implications for our lives as he examines the history and theology of Jesus's crucifixion and resurrectionScandalous highlights important theological truths in accessible and applicable ways Both amateur theologians and gen. In this book Carson exeget 5 biblical passages 3 passages from the Gospel one from Matthew and two from John 1 from Revelation and last one from RomansI love reading this book This will unfold few myths about the passages Carson Exeget To make it interesting for you let me give you a taste of it so that you can decide whether it is your cup of tea or not In Romans 321 Carson agues Righteousness of God has been make known to us apart from the Law That means the righteous demand of God is same as in the Old testament But in Christ this righteousness is make known and given to us Now you can read if this makes you interesting

Summary Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus

Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus

D.A. Carson ´ 9 Summary Summary Ï Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Eral readers will appreciate how Carson deftly preserves weighty theology while simultaneously noting the broader themes of Jesus' death and resurrection Through exposition of five primary passages of Scripture Carson helps us to fully understand and appreciate the scandal of the cross. 4 stars TheologyW 4 U 425 T 425Exact rating 417 3 in its genre out of 40Carson s five chapters are basically short expository papers or homilies of a few Bible passages And while they are well done they are not long enough to properly cover even all of the main nuances It will come as a relief however to those who do not enjoy denser theologyUpon my second reading almost 10 years after the first and with exegetical work under my belt I now realize he made some leaps in Chapter 3 on Revelation 12 And in Chapter 5 about the background of Thomas s knowledge of Jesus s deity there was a notable omissionHowever most of the truth ranges between 4 and 45 with two passages achieving a 5 the purity of goodness in sacrifice and its vestiges in Western culture on pp30 31 and the contrast of grace and nihilism relaying a story of J Budziszewski on pp46 47 This was a pleasure to read Carson focuses on the ironyplot twists to which the cross and resurrection of Christ inhere He deftly interweaves prescient biblical commentary modern cultural application and kind reproof into an exemplary work of theology with incisive writing and turns of phrase

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D.A. Carson ´ 9 Summary Summary Ï Scandalous The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub How are Christians to approach the central gospel teachings concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus The Bible firmly establishes the historicity of these events and doesn't leave their meanings ambiguous or open to interpretation Even so there is an irony and surprising strangen. Based on a series of lectures DA Carson delivered at Seattle s Mars Hill Church in 2008 this book investigates five aspects of Christ s crucifixion and resurrection that are particularly scandalous After all the message of the cross is an offense Galatians 511 It is a stumbling block 1 Corinthians 123 It is folly to the weak and perishing but it is also the power of God for those who are being saved 1 Corinthians 118 Too often we glaze over the real meaning of the cross We don t realize how truly scandalous it is nor how wonderful it is for those who believe in Christ Thankfully Carson has given us this great book to teach us a familiar message in a fresh new wayThe first chapter deals with four ironies of the cross The Man Who Is Mocked as King Is the King The Man Who Is Utterly Powerless Is Powerful The Man Who Can t Save Himself Saves Others and The Man Who Cries Out in Despair Trusts God In each of these Carson shows how there are multiple layers of irony in the text and how understanding this irony enables hearers and readers to see what is really going on It provides a dimension of depth and color that would otherwise be missingIn chapter two Carson unpacks the passage which Martin Luther called the center of the whole Bible Romans 321 26 This is a very useful exposition as it clearly shows how God s justice and righteousness were displayed in the death of His Son and how the old covenant Law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ making way for the availability of an undeserved righteousness apart from the Law Perhaps most helpful is the careful differentiation explained between the definitions of propitiation and expiation These are some weighty theological concepts made accessible in layman s termsThe third chapter deals with Satan s war against the offspring of the woman in Revelation 12 Carson shows how Christ s death and resurrection defeated Death and Satan and gives us eschatological hope In this life we will still have tribulation Satan is violently waging war against God s people because his time is short and he knows it The cross gives us confidence that we have a share in Christ s ultimate victory over evilNext Carson turns his attention to the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus from the dead There are many surprising elements to this miracle particularly when seen in light of its context directly preceding Christ s Passion week Each section of this book contains lots of great uote material but this chapter may have the most Here s one example Death is not normal when you look at it from the vantage point of what God created in the first place It is normal this side of the fall but that is not saying much It is an enemy It is ugly It destroys relationships It is to be feared It is repulsive There is something odious about death Never ever pretend otherwise But death does not have the last wordThe final chapter is especially helpful in this age of skepticism as Carson investigates the doubts of Thomas the Disciple He looks at several various causes of doubt present in both believers and nonbelievers and how each cause reuires different solutions The tone is optimistic as we see the conversion of Thomas doubt into adoration and discover that even the most hardened doubters still have the gift of salvation by grace through faith open to them The message of the cross when understood and accepted fully truly changes everythingA relatively short book 176 pages and written in a very conversational manner Scandalous has the feel of a light reading book even while covering very heavy material Carson does an excellent job of maintaining the reader s interest throughout I highly recommend this book to any believer no matter how well versed you may think you are in the cross This is one message we can never hear too much