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  • Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
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  • 07 April 2018
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Doris Kearns Goodwin Ä 4 review

Doris Kearns Goodwin Ä 4 review Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Doris Kearns Goodwin Free read Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Winner of the Lincoln PrizeAcclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin illuminates Lincoln's political genius in this highly original work as the one term congressman and prairie lawyer rises from obscurity to prevail over three gifted rivals of national reputation to become presidentOn May 18 1860 William H Seward Salmon P Chase Edward Bates and Abraham Lincoln waited in their hometowns for the results from the Republican National Convention in Chicago When Lincoln emerged as the victor his rivals were dismayed and angryThroughout the turbulent 1850s each had ener. Please forgive me resorting to a tired trick and leading off with a definition from the dictionary but there is a point to itpol i ti cian 1 a person experienced in the art or science of government especially one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government2A a person engaged in party politics as a profession2B a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short sighted reasonsAmericans these days seem to think that 2B is the only definition for the word and even the first meaning is considered an insult because if you actually know how the government works then you re guilty by association Hell politicians now deny being politicians as they try to get reelected to political office while screaming about how all politicians suck Or the Tea Party just finds the angriest moron around to runIt s weird that it s become such a dirty word because one of the greatest Americans by almost any sane person s standard was Abraham Lincoln While the myth may be that he was just this humble log splitter and backwoods lawyer who bumbled into the White House during one of the country s darkest hours and fortunately turned out to be the perfect leader for the time the truth is that Abe was one super bad ass politician in the sense of definitions 1 and 2A but luckily 2B didn t apply at allAll American kids hear about Abe in school We learn about the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address and the 13th Amendment but they never really tell you how Abe managed to win a war that should have permanently split the country and end an evil institution that even the Founding Fathers had just left as some future generation s problem Reading Team of Rivals gives you an understanding of how Lincoln accomplished this and the simple answer is that he was a politician of uncanny skill He had a great sense of timing as well as being empathetic enough to see the other side of any argument while never swaying once he had fully committed himself to a course of action he thought right or necessary The thing that made him uniue was the almost inhuman way he could put his own ego and anger aside to find ways to work with people he had every reason to distrust or even hate As this book details Lincoln s selection and handling of his own cabinet highlight what made him such a great president He managed to convince some of the biggest power brokers and politicians of his day many of whom he had beaten out for the presidency to work for the common good as members of his administration Even though this meant dealing with constant bickering and political intrigue Lincoln still got outstanding achievements from all of them and most of the men who once saw him as an overmatched fool eventually came to regard him as one of the smartest and most honorable men of the ageWell researched and written in an entertaining style this book also shows how little has changed in American politics The tactics of the kind of people who would defend slavery and smear Lincoln seem familiar in many ways They just used newspapers instead of a cable news channel and talk radioOne odd thing I started this after seeing the Spielberg movie and I knew that only a small part of the book was actually about the passage of the 13th Amendment that the movie centers on However there s not nearly as much as I thought there would be It seems like only a few pages are spent on it so it s a little weird that the movie would cite it so heavily On the other hand the details of Lincoln s personality in here are all over Daniel Day Lewis s great performance

Free read Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham LincolnTeam of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Doris Kearns Goodwin Ä 4 review Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Doris Kearns Goodwin Free read Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Nusual cabinet in history and marshal their talents to the task of preserving the Union and winning the warWe view the long horrifying struggle from the vantage of the White House as Lincoln copes with incompetent generals hostile congressmen and his raucous cabinet He overcomes these obstacles by winning the respect of his former competitors and in the case of Seward finds a loyal and crucial friend to see him throughThis brilliant multiple biography is centered on Lincoln's mastery of men and how it shaped the most significant presidency in the nation's histor. Doris Kearns Goodwin weaves a masterful tale as she follows the lives of Lincoln and his intimate circle of friends and rivals from the early 1800s through the Civil War until the catastrophe assassination of the President in April 1865 It is a complex but fascinating story of the political genius of Lincoln who was able to get consensus from his most bitter rivals all while holding on to his own high moral code Particularly moving besides the horrors of war and the cataclysmic night at the Ford Theater was the various contexts for his greatest speeches and writings including the moving Gettysburg Address Readers will find Lincoln to be both humorous and melancholy but ultimately curious brave and humanThere is some beautiful psychological analysis of Lincoln s personality along with a Pynchon one of my favorite authors uote on melancholy on page 109 In fact all the characters are analyzed with great insights into their motivations and characters one of the primary strengths of this book is this intimate portrait of these men I feel like I can sympathize greatly with Lincoln s particular pathos The melancholy stamped on Lincoln s nature derived in large part from an acute sensitivity to the pains and injustices he perceived in the world He was uncommonly tenderhearted We are also treated to many of Lincoln s wonderful stories Drawn from his own experiences and the curiosities reported by others they freuently provided maxims or proverbs that usefully connected to the lives of his listeners Lincoln possessed an extraordinary ability to convey practical wisdom in the form of humorous tales his listeners could remember and repeat This process of repetition is central to the oral tradition p 151 That is one of the things that struck me about the world described oral communication played a far critical role in these days before the internet and it would seem that we have lost a generation of able statesmen in our times of vacuous soundbitesSome time is spent on the catastrophic Dred Scott Supreme Court decision written by Chief Justice Taney It was admirable how Seward fought this tooth and nail I feel that today s Justice Roberts may be nearly as corrupt as Taney and may yet deliver some similary catastrophic decisions p 191Another phrase that certainly rung a bitter bell for me was during the presidential campagn of 1860 when the Chicago Press and Tribune wrote if Mr Lincoln is elected President he will carry little but that is ornamental to the White House The country must accept his sincerity his ability and his honestyHe may not preside at the Presidential dinners with the ease and grace which distinguish the venerable public functionary Mr Buchanan but he will not create the necessity for a congressional committee to investigate corruption in his administration p 265 This is sadly very very far from where we have sunk todayOne piece of trivia I appreciated was that the officialization of Thanksgiving as a national holiday was in fact Lincoln s idea p 577 in October 1863 Brilliant This was followed by one of the most moving speeches in American history the Gettysburg Address which is uoted in full on page 586Oh that today s leaders had even a sprinkling of Lincoln s humanity But that is a whole other debateThe book was absolutely wonderful and ends with a fascinating uote from a young 23yo Lincoln Whether it be true or not I can say for one that I have no other ambition so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow man of rendering myself worthy of their esteem How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition is yet to be developed p 749 He certainly made good on that promise and the United States is indebted to him for it Hopefully the winds of change will blow on Washington in November 2020 and renew a spirit of humanity which is so lacking today and so evident in Lincoln s story

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Doris Kearns Goodwin Ä 4 review Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Doris Kearns Goodwin Free read Team of Rivals The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln Getically sought the presidency as the conflict over slavery was leading inexorably to secession and civil war That Lincoln succeeded Goodwin demonstrates was the result of a character that had been forged by experiences that raised him above his privileged and accomplished rivals He won because he possessed an extraordinary ability to put himself in the place of other men to experience what they were feeling to understand their motives and desiresIt was this capacity that enabled Lincoln as president to bring his disgruntled opponents together create the most u. I would have given this book stars if I could have I think I loved this book so much because Abraham Lincoln was such an absolutely amazing person We are all taught that Lincoln was one of America s great presidents and we know that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation but he is so much greater of a man than I ever knew Lincoln was super smart wise and incredibly compassionate and empathetic While unsure of his own faith Lincoln through his own care for others was so much of a Christ like person than the overtly pious self righteous Salmon Chase Lincoln s former rival and Secretary of the Treasury who while disparaging of others characters allowed himself to be uncritical of his own unethical actions much like our current president in my opinion This book showed Mary Lincoln in a better light than I had expected I had always had the impression that Mary was a real stinker and while she definitely had her faults that must have been caused real difficulties for the president she also had many good ualities One thing that impressed me is how she personally gave service to soldiers while not allowing any of her kind actions to be made known to the Washington social elite While Mary may not have always been easy to live with I felt kind of bad for her since she suffered from such severe migraines and depression Who s to say for sure but this book left me with the impression that Mary probably really tried to be a good gal despite her mentalphysical problems I did like the point of view of this book Telling the history of Lincoln s political and personal life inclusive with the lives of his opponents turned collaborators not only gave a complete view of the times and happenings of the mid 1800s but it demonstrated in a few cases what Lincoln did so widely humbly and deftly turn those against him into believers and supporters of his work One interesting thing that Lincoln did that I loved about him and can t stand about George W Bush is that Lincoln while not being dishonest again unlike our current president used much political slide of hand to get things done I guess the biggest difference between Lincoln and some of our modern politicians is that while this techniue is used today to cover up wrongdoings or cheating Lincoln used it to help bring unity back to the nation and freedom to all people