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  • The Butcher's Theater
  • Jonathan Kellerman
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  • 12 May 2019
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FREE DOWNLOAD The Butcher's Theater 107 They call the ancient hills of Jerusalem the  butcher's theater Here upon this bloodstained stage  a faceless killer performs his violent specialty  The first to die brutally is a fifteen year old  girl She is drained of blood then carefully bathed  and shrouded in white Precisely one week later a  second victim. Jerusalem Israel The Butcher s Theater they called the hills of Jerusalem Terrain full of nasty surprises It carved up soldiers and turned them into vulture fodder P216This is the story of contemporary Israel its people cultures religions politics Throughout the 882 pages a potpourri of everything is mixed in with the work of Chief Inspector Daniel Shalom Sharavi a Yemenite Jew and his team who needs to solve a serial murder case The victimes were scrubbed and drained like the Los Angeles case of 49 called The Black Dahlia And as with the Dahlia mystery it looks as though this perpetrator is getting away with it as wellGruesome in detail all aspects of the book No dilly dallying in political correctness It is the God honest truth And no shortage of flavor on this one Ancient city Thousand Nights ambiance ethnic tensions a friend with a knifeThe story was so well constructed that I cannot but rate it five stars although I was annoyed at times with the long drawn out tale But really it is a terrific read What I most appreciated of the book was the bitchcraft in it you know psng people off by telling them the truth Sometimes I just wanted to puke The gory details of the sex crimes got to me and it is spread all over the tale But the story is about a sex offender so I need to allow some leeway Then my chain also got jerked with the perfect man our protagonist The perfect lover father husband But that s okay too It is a macho book after all It does however provide the warmth compassion and balance that is neededThis is the kind of book I love to read Suspense drama history culture a holistic portrayal of a society I do not know much about and I walk away with a much better idea of a region that has always fascinated me The insider s view of a racially torn society away from the media imprint was great Perfect in fact Yes I really loved this rich and detailed experience Very much so It deserves the title of an international no 1 bestseller

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Butcher's Theater 107 R whos  insatiable taste for young women could destroy the  delicate balance on which Jerusalem's very survival  depends A brilliant novel by a master of  the genre a vivid look at the tortured  complexities of a psychopath's mind a rich evocation of a  city steeped in history this and is   The Butcher's Theate. Absolute crap the evil killer is the son of a Jewish doctor and a gentile woman Apparently half breeds are cursed by God Call me Ishmael Kellerman is absolutely hysterical on the subject of Jews mixing with the lesser races In fact Dr Terrific is much like the poor man s Joe Christmas though I doubt Kellerman is literate enough to have read LIGHT IN AUGUST by William Faulkner In any case reading Kellerman on the Palestinians is like reading Faulkner on Jim Crow But not as good

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Butcher's Theater 107 Is found From the sacred  Wailing Wall to the monasteries where dark secrets  are cloistered from black clad bedouin enclaves  to labyrinthine midnight alleys veteran police  inspector Daniel Sharavi and his crack team plunge  deep into a city simmering with religious and  political passions to hunt for a murdere. Jerusalem 1988 a body gets found in the hills and she is clearly being killed in a most sadistic way remembering of a previous killer called the Grey man who never got caught the department of Major Crimes Unit gets put on the case and the leader of this investigation is Pakad chief inspector Daniel Shalom Sharavi of Yemenite origin There is immediately a lot of pressure on him and his investigators who are as diverse in ancestry as they come This group of investigators show the face of Israel and the diversity of Jews that exist far than I ever knew about and you find out the characters and their fates during this very big readThis book is on one side a detective story about a serial killer who strikes in Israel and on the other side it shows life in Israel in 1988 The story shows the face of Israel form the Jewish point of view and is not always unbiased but is shown through the lives of the people in this books and they give an anchor to this look upon Israeli society that is surprising and sometimes annoying but is feels like the opinion of real people with real lives It also shows the difficulty in policing a state like Israel when politics are just around the corner and have a large influence in policing too It almost looks like that Israel had a head start in politicizing any possible police case with some higher sensitivity The writer also give us a view from the killer you do not find out who he is until the end and you are faced with a banality of this killer who from his viewpoint does important work he is no Hannibal Lecter but a scary and sad person at the same time This whole early book by Jonathan Kellerman is a standalone novel without any seuels but a tour de force nonetheless about live in the middle east especially Israel he shows the diversity and people of this state and their place in society and the importance of family life I read this book before and the second time it grabbed me like the first time it is a long book but a very satisfying novel that is full of life as I not knew before Well worth your time