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FREE DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World 109 Classic work to a new reading public             The Spy Paramount takes us to Rome 1934 American Martin Fawley a former secret service agent is recruited as a spy by General Berati the most feared man. An espionage thriller in which Martin Fawley a retired major in the US army takes on some independent information gathering work for the Italians in the mid 1930s He travels to Rome Paris Berlin and London collecting useful knowledge not so much for any country but rather in the name of world peace He has been through war once and doesn t want it to happen again There are beautiful women balls attempted assassinations fantastically destructive weapons and lots of other skullduggery The novel is like an early James Bond but rather tedious

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The Man Who Saved the World

FREE DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World 109 In fascist Italy Going undercover to Monte Carlo Fawley travels in a world of casinos and cocktails high stakes and secrecy and discovers the secret weapon that could determine the outcome of the looming world w. A fun uick read Our main character is full of stereotypes Strong handsome smart the perfect spy One can imagine Flemming reading these as a child and later borrowing the archetype for Bond

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World DOWNLOAD The Man Who Saved the World 109 E Phillips Oppenheim was one of the greatest writers of spy fiction known in his time as the Prince of Storytellers To launch their Spy Classics series the British Library is proud to introduce Oppenheim and his. I uite enjoyed this bad novel perhaps because of than despite its faults It s various terriblnesses give it a kind of dopy charm a sense of innocent old fashionednessThe Spy Paramount is a relic of a innocent pre war age when the full horror of what modern civilised people might be capable of was still unimaginable By the end it had almost won me over with its misplaced confidence in the future its naive assumption of the basic sanity and decency of humankind The most reckless military fanatic who ever breathed Herr Behrling would never dare to sacrifice the whole youth of his country in an uneual struggle to gain God knows what Before the British Library revived it in its attractive Spy Classics line this 1935 spy yarn had been unavailable in a mass market edition since 1941 I m surprised it lasted that long Hindsight has made The Spy Paramount ridiculous Even in 1935 basic knowledge of current events must have made it a bit silly By 1941 British readers must have howled with laughter And yet I ve just read some reviews published in Australian newspapers in 1935 at the excellent trovenlagovau web site All that I looked at were enthusiastic and only one showed the slightest indication that its notion of international politics was absurd It occurs to the reader that prevention of the Italo Abyssinian war would have been child s play to this daring and tactful adventurer said RLH in the Perth Daily NewsThe novel s German politics come from a parallel world without Hitler where a power struggle between various factions is still under way in Germany And yet in amongst all these fictitious power strugglers one real man Hindenburg is unaccountably name checked from time to time Contemporary readers may also have scratched their heads at the coy avoidance of the name of the Italian spy chief s boss ie Mussolini when this was fairly common knowledge Perhaps Oppenheim was concerned that in a volatile world his novel could be made obsolete in a flash if Hitler or Mussolini were deposed Who knew these guys would still be around years after the novel fell out of printI was never much convinced by the hero s spy activities Like James Bond who is said to have been influenced by this novel his job involves romancing princesses wearing tuxedos drinking cocktails and riding in yachts His one broadly real piece of spy action when he breaks into a top secret military facility is too underwritten to seem plausible or excitingThe prose style clunked never reaching Dan Brown levels of badness of course but still surprisingly poor for a writer who d been successful for decades Too many adjectives Too many reiterations of unnecessary character descriptions Scenes that might make the heart race are defused and distanced from the reader by circumlocution and the piling on of breathless clauses There s too much telling virtually no attempt at immersion Here s an example possibly the worst sentence in the bookIn a life full of surprises Martin Fawley was inclined to doubt whether he ever received a greater one than when for the second time during the same day he was ushered into the presence of General Berati the most dreaded man in RomeThe hero was being taken to see the general so it s hard to see how being ushered into his presence could be any kind of surprise Also he works for the general so even if the surprise came when he was told in the previous chapter that he was being taken to see him again how could this possibly be unexpected And why tell us he s the most dreaded man in Rome we only saw him a few pages ago we remember him This sentence is so wrong it s weird bordering on parody of bad Boy s Own adventure fictionPerhaps the very weirdest thing in the novel is the minor character of Patoni established from the start as a creepy looking pop eyed freak who suddenly shows up again after a long absence to declare that the hero s girlfriend is his cousin and his ex and therefore he must kill the hero And then he s never seen again Such pains are taken to establish him as the crazy villain who ll fight the hero to the death in the last scene that his failure to reappear on cue feels like a hole in the story Saved for the seuel perhaps