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  • 13 May 2020
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Robin Harris ☆ 4 review

Robin Harris ☆ 4 review Summary ¼ The Conservatives A History Peel Disraeli Salisbury Baldwin Chamberlain Churchill Eden Macmillan Heath Thatcher Major Hague and Cameron together amount to an alternative history of Britain since the early nineteenth centuryThis landmark book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in history or politics or anyone who has ever wondered how Britain came to be the nation it is tod. This is a poor book and that is a shame because as the author notes in his introduction there are few single volume general histories of the Conservative party It is an even greater shame because Robin Harris s scholarship is fine and his writing is adeuate The basic ingredients are there and so is the appetite And yet still the final meal is hard to swallow and leaves a bad after tasteThat sadly is down to the seasoning Throughout the book Robin Harris adopts a dreadful and clumsy patronising tone Despite constant references to the narrow scope of the book when touching upon the wider forces that have shaped the Conservatives at key periods he constantly makes sweeping assertions far beyond his or any serious historian s purview Nationalisation of coal we are informed was of course a failure The Poll tax was merely badly implemented Baldwin didn t know what to do with power

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The Conservatives A History

Robin Harris ☆ 4 review Summary ¼ The Conservatives A History The history of the Conservative party has extraordinarily rarely been written in a single volume for the general reader There are academic multi volume accounts and a multitude of smaller books with limited historical scope But now Robin Harris Margaret Thatcher's speechwriter and party insider has produced this authoritative but lively history book which tell. There is properly no history only biography so wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson Robin Harris in The Conservatives A History has remained true to this dictum writing what is in effect a biography of the Conservative Party Thomas Carlyle would have approved inasmuch as it is an account of the great and not so great who have made their mark on one of the most remarkable and enduring political associations in history It s a commendable piece of work at once scholarly detached and polemically engaged written by a man who is better ualified than most for the task both as a historian and as a political insider The author of an elegant biography of the French statesman Talleyrand Dr Harris is a former Director of the Conservative Research Department during which time he acted as Margaret Thatcher s special adviser and speech writer He is presently writing a biography of the former Prime Minister to be publish

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Robin Harris ☆ 4 review Summary ¼ The Conservatives A History S the whole story and fills a gaping hole in Britain's historiographical recordTaking as his starting point the larger than life personalities of the Conservative Party's leaders and prime ministers since its inception Robin Harris's book also analyses the interconnected themes and issues which have dominated Conservative politics over the years The careers of. Very interesting account of the conservative party up The majority is dealt with by historic figures Peel Disraeli etc those in the 20th century are glossed over so a star is lost for that The author admits at the start he will do this about Thatcher given he is writing a separate book about her