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  • Woman's Inhumanity to Woman
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summary Woman's Inhumanity to Woman Woman's Inhumanity to Woman summary Ù 108 Buse and mistreatment of other women But like other social victims many do not realize stereotyping affects members within the victimized group as well as those outside the group They do not realize their behavior reflects society's biases            How women view and treat other women matters Are women oppressed Yes Do oppressed people internalize their oppressors' attitudes Without a doubt Prejudice must first be acknowledged before it can be resisted or overcome More than men women depend upon one another for emotional intimacy and bonding and exclusionary and sexist be. Parts of this book are heart breaking and parts are very lif affirming Chesler impartially outlines problems in women s relationships without condemming or sinking into mysoginistic language She is merely describing what ocurrs everyday in Western society from what she has personally observed This book is one of the truest descriptions of the human condition that I have ever read

summary Woman's Inhumanity to Woman

Woman's Inhumanity to Woman

summary Woman's Inhumanity to Woman Woman's Inhumanity to Woman summary Ù 108 “Man’s inhumanity to man” the phrase is all too familiar But until Phyllis Chesler's now classic book a profound silence prevailed about woman’s inhumanity to woman Women's aggression may not take the same form as men's but girls and women are indeed aggressive often indirectly and mainly toward one another They judge harshly hold grudges gossip exclude and disconnect from other women             Like men women are exposed to the messages of misogyny and sexism that permeate cultures worldwide Like men women unconsciously buy into negative images that can trigger a. You have to give the author credit for her bravery in being one of the first to tackle an important but taboo subject You can read throughout the book that she expects to be mercilessly attacked for writing it Some parts of the book are stronger than others but it is worth reading for those parts I wish she gave suggestions for dealing with the problems but perhaps there aren t many solutions

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summary Woman's Inhumanity to Woman Woman's Inhumanity to Woman summary Ù 108 Havior enforces female conformity and discourages independence and psychological growth            Continuing the pioneering work begun in Women and Madness Chesler's bestselling book that broke the story on double standards in psychology Woman's Inhumanity to Woman draws on important studies revolutionary theories literature and hundreds of original interviews Chesler urges us to look within to treat other women realistically ethically and kindly and to forge bold and compassionate alliances This is a necessary next step for women without which they will never be liberate. I ve had this book for a while and never really finished it Recently due to not understanding some of the women in my life I picked it up again hoping that it would give me some new insights about my female relationships Boy did it ever I think this is a must read for any woman and I would go as far as to say that it should be reuired reading for all females ESPECIALLY those who do not like other women are cunt haters or do not have close female friends If you are over women s hostility to other women then this book is the perfect read