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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. È 4 Summary Free read ½ Hocus Pocus 104 Arkington College where he teaches the excrement is about to hit the air conditioning And its all Eugene's fau. I haven t read a book I loved this much in a long time In Hocus Pocus Vonnegut is at his best walking the line between absurdism satire and tragedy with unsurpassed finesse It s not a story for everyone because nothing in this story is sacred Even the Kennedy assassination isn t off limits The humor is grim the characters often unpalatable the outlook bleak What makes it so compulsively readable is Vonnegut s skill and insight as raconteur The non linear narrative seems at first to jump from time to place at random but in actuality leads the reader in smaller and smaller concentric circles until at last all the uestions have been answered the holes have been filled the story has been told and we ve arrived back where we started It s a narrative masterpiece disguised as a mess But even compelling is the author s ability to give eual empathy to opposite problems On one page his narrator may lambaste the catastrophic lunacy of the Vietnam War and on the next lament the plight of returning soldiers repudiated by their peers with no less compassion So maybe nothing is sacred or maybe everything is It s a testament to Vonnegut s tremendous talent that that s the uestion he provokes and leaves unanswered Is anyone in the right or wrong or are we all just human and therefore intrinsically both

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. È 4 Summary Free read ½ Hocus Pocus 104 Ognosticator of the apocalypse and other things Earth shattering But that's neither here no there Because at T. The truth can be very funny in an awful way especially as it relates to greed and hypocrisyIn many ways this is about hypocrisy and deception and so is one of Vonnegut s most scathingly cynical and satirical works and yet his scorn here is subtle though rarely playful as he can be and has demonstrated in other novels This most reminded me of his 1979 novel Jailbird We have another unreliable narrator but this is Vonnegut and so situational irony and complexity spice the topsy turvy perspective We have a protagonist nicknamed The Preacher who does not curse and yet is a killer and serial adulterer The title Hocus Pocus comes from the idea that words are like magic creating illusions that can cast spells and create misinformation and can conjure up the idea of a good result when the opposite is actually trueAn observant reader of Kurt Vonnegut will note that imprisonment of various kinds is a ubiuitous theme in his work As in Jailbird we have a man who is in and out of institutions not all of his choosingAnother recurring theme is the military Vonnegut was a forward scout in the Army and then a prisoner of war in Dresden Germany The hero here is Eugene Debs Hartke who was a veteran of the war in Vietnam I ve read some reviewers who have opined that this is a book about Vietnam I did not see that specifically but a vehicle for Vonnegut to continue his ongoing anti war messageVonnegut had sympathies with the common man and with socialist reforms and Eugene Debs was a hero for him Having our narrator named after the famous leader and orator was another opportunity for KV to tell that story and we also get Vonnegut social and economic commentary We also are reminded of one of Debs most noteworthy uotes While there is a lower class I am in it while there is a criminal element I am of it and while there is a soul in prison I am not free Like his 1976 novel Slapstick or Lonesome No More and his 1985 novel Gal pagos this also describes an alternate history wherein there is an economic collapse though here his description is understatedWhat s it about Like all of his works there is the surface story and then all of the various and sundry meanderings that make his writing so enjoyable On the surface it is about a retired military officer who accepts a position at a small college in rural New York His wife and mother in law are insane another Vonnegut staple and he loves loves loves to have extramarital affairs especially with older women including the wife of the college president He is fired and gets hired on across the lake to a prison that has been privatized and owned by a Japanese corporation There is a prison break and all of the poor dangerous and predominately black inmates march across the frozen lake and invade the rich and privileged college townIt s also about hypocrisy racism love and war insanity social justice honesty culture and the propensity of American society to destroy itselfAnd there is an obscure reference to Kilgore Trout for KV fans to find like an Easter eggKurt Vonnegut is a national treasure and while this is not one of his greatest books first published in 1990 this is one of his later works it is another demonstration of his phenomenal ability

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. È 4 Summary Free read ½ Hocus Pocus 104 Here is the adventure of Eugene Debs Hartke He's a Vietnam veteran a jazz pianist a college professor and a pr. The excrement has hit the air conditioning big timeWhile I found Kurt Vonnegut s Hocus Pocus interesting this might well be my least favorite Vonnegut book Our protagonist Eugene Debs Hartke is named for the political activitist Eugene Debs and anti war Senator Vance Hartke Debs most famous uote while there is a lower class I am in it and while there is a criminal element I am of it and while there is a soul in prison I am not free appears numerous times in the book As he awaits trial Hartke admits that he is nothing like his namesakes He s a Vietnam War vet and college professor who gets into trouble for his views on history and apocalyptic events Like Mother Night this novel is a sort of confession from our protagonist however Hartke s stated purpose is to name all the women he s slept with and determine how many people he killed in the war Friend and fellow Vietnam War soldier Jack Patton hails from Wyoming His rejoinder to nearly every situation I had to laugh like hell is a refrain in the early going of the novel Hartke ends up marrying Jack Patton s sister insanity which Hartke discusses in great detail just happens to run in the family This made me think about references to Wyoming that I ve noticed in a couple Vonnegut novels I d remembered the reference in Slaughterhouse Five Wild Bob tells fellow prisoner Billy Pilgrim that if he s ever in Cody Wyoming just ask for Wild Bob Don t know if Vonnegut had any connection to Wyoming or what his impressions of Wyoming might have been but it made me curious If anyone knows I d like to hear That said this Vonnegut novel didn t really take me anywhere I hadn t been before It is full of Vonnegut s insights and I was happy enough reading it until the ending just seemed to drop out of nowhere 35 stars Being an American means never having to say you re sorry