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  • Paperback
  • 480
  • The Devil of Nanking
  • Mo Hayder
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
  • 9780143036999

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Free download The Devil of Nanking 105 D of a mysterious elixir and to a handsome American whose interest in Grey may be sinister than romantic The result is a work of spine chilling suspense masterful historical detail and otherworldly beau. This book somehow manages to be both a mysterythriller AND a cross between literary and historical fiction at the same time I was just riveted from page one It s hard to believe this is the same author as Ritual which was exciting but certainly not written at this level of detail I completely trusted the world and characters this author has createdI don t give 5 stars very often and though this had a few holes mostly to do with wanting details but not needing them Devil of Nanking deserves all 5 stars for creating such compelling characters and completely inhabiting them This book made me want to runaway to Tokyo taking only cash and my camera And then to runaway from Tokyo as its dark underbelly was exposed In the end though I feel I can visit the Tokyo Mo Hayder created just by closing my eyes

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Free download The Devil of Nanking 105 Like the thrillers of Thomas Harris and Philip Kerr Mo Hayder's riveting new novel animates the dark corners of modern history The solitary Englishwoman Grey comes to Japan looking for a rare piece of f. Finished this a few days ago and it might be my favorite book of the year Terrifying Expect a review next week geoff buda ve ben year Terrifying Expect a review next week

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Free download The Devil of Nanking 105 Ootage that is said to document a particularly monstrous episode of the 1937 Nanking Massacre Her uest will take her to a reclusive scholar and a wheelchair bound gangster who clings to life with the ai. Love love love Mo spent time being an escort in Tokyo so she knows what she s talking about I think this is a fantastic book mostly because it s so different from her other stuff Really shows amazing range on her part My only uibble is that as horrible as the twist is it s not as horrible as I was expecting but that s only because I always expect something nasty from this author And I mean nasty in a good way not nasty like when your mother tells you not to touch somethingHighly recommend