The War for Wealth Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity E–book/E–pub

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  • The War for Wealth Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity
  • Gabor Steingart
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  • 14 March 2018
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The War for Wealth Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity Read & Download ✓ 4 Is a global economic crash an Asia over all scenario where the rising economies of Asia completely overtake the West or the American renaissance scenario in which US politicians unite with each other and with Europe forming a pragmatic third way to bring the West back from the brink of destructionCompelling controversial and thought provoking The War for Wealth alerts readers to the crucial state of the Western economy and shows how leaders can return the West to its position of power in the global aren. Really fresh and interesting take on globalization Essential reading for Barack

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The War for Wealth Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity Read & Download ✓ 4 Tate of the world's economy and returns with a bleak outlook for the West our prosperity and wealth are disappearing faster than ever and with it our political power and our long held democratic ideals But all is not lost; we can still stem the flow of capital and jobs and once again restore the West to its respected position of global leader in economics and politicsIn this eye opening and dramatic account Steingart lays out the three potential scenarios the world faces a shock scenario in which there. There may be possibly be some good ideas here and at least the is a genuine contradictory viewpoint being expressed but the style of writing makes this book so frustrating as to be unreadable The text is translated from German by the author himself the Washington correspondent for der spiegel but it is not just language which is the problem The book instead intends to be a magnum opus on the economic history of the world similar from an economic viewpoint to Kennedy s rise and fall of the great powers However the author has none of the historians flair and the book is filled with factual flaws and bold statements of fact which are instead huge suppositions the tendency to float between continents and time periods within the same paragraph of explanation is another concern Wasn t able to read this to the end but the authors supposition that china and Asia as a whole is replacing the west as the dominant power that free trade which allows these countries to take advantage of lower labour and environmental standards is hurting the west and that the west needs to wake up and respond are all issues which a better written book could have explored There is a touch of Thurowesue the Asians are coming xenophobia but something here amongst a rather messy book

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The War for Wealth Why Globalization is Bleeding the West of Its Prosperity Read & Download ✓ 4 A LIBRARY JOURNAL 2008 BEST BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEARGlobalization The Flat World Outsourcing Free TradeEach of these phrases is a flashpoint in one of the most heated debates of our lifetime Is globalization a force for good or is it a policy that is sure to destroy the economic foundation of the United States and Europe while exporting our wealth and prosperity overseasIn The War for Wealth leading intellectual and agenda setting journalist Gabor Steingart examines how globalization has affected the s. I love books and I seem to find a new one to like every week And yet I can honestly say this is the best book I ve read in years Few books have the power to encapsulate the meteoric economic and political changes that face the United States and the world right now Gabor Steingart a German journalist working in Washington DC for Der Spiegel has managed to come at just the right time with just the right book The War for Wealth What makes this book so pertinent First it approaches the uestion of whether globalization truly benefits all Unlike who favor the open market who make the assumption that free trade helpa all Steingart posits that globalization instead is leading to a redistribution of resources Not all countries benefit eually In this new world order Americans are needed largely as consumers not workers who are financing their purchases on a mountain of debt The expansion of the labor market as a result of globalization in fact has led to a decline in the value of workers This has hurt Western nations the most In the US industrial base alone there has been a 50 percent decline in jobs in a single generation Americans and Europeans are overpriced for the global market not because of their wages although this is a factor but largely because of the cost of their social safety netWho are the winners Those in India and China obviously In China those growth rates are even being understated by the Communist government so that the West does not even see the full extent of this unfettered development Moreover China has chosen a different insidious tactic in this economic war As Steingart notes the Asians are attacking with economic weapons and avoiding ideological conflict They do not conduct debates with the West over euality and justice nor do they level any accusations or issue threats The rising global powers are not interested in a battle of cultures They are ignoring issues of religion and ideology They are uiet adversaries who are placing their bets on economic efficiency The West they reason can be defeated with its own weapons Unlike many who see these problems however Steingart is not a protectionist nor does he see globalization as something to be halted in its steps He is not a fear mongered As an economist and journalist Steingart knows that this is a trend that is not likely to be reversed It can however be managed by savvy leadership and a willingness on the part of Western nations to work together Steingart basically lays out three options global chaos the shock scenario the rise of Asia the Asia above all scenario in which American dreams bite the dust or remaking history the American Renaissance scenarioHow America and the West manage globalization international trade and the development of rules and regulations to even the playing field are critical to the continuance of the good life If I could have one wish it would be that both presidential candidates and their camps would read Steingart s book This critical overview of the world and economic development today is something that every American should be thinking about as they approach the future