E–pub [Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930] AUTHOR Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

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  • Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930
  • Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
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  • 10 March 2020
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Download ↠ Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930 104 Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa The letters published here display much of Lampedusa's distinctive style present in his later wor. Admirabile prin spiritul autoironic si adesea meritat incisiv la adresa exteriorului scrisorile lui G T di Lampedusa presupun o surprinzatoare fluenta au firul rosu calauzitor care le apropie de genul literar Totusi proiectul ramane in acest sens destul de sumar schematic Vorbim insa de o ideala aprofundare a universului intim al marelui scriitor italian 345

characters Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930

Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930

Download ↠ Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930 104 Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Between 1925 and 1930 Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote a number of letters to his cousins Casim. This is a default 3 stars There is absolutely no reason to read this book if you are not already intrigued by Tomasi di Lampedusa If you are already interested in him this book may be interesting although it is unlikely to make you fond of the author The book is composed of a couple dozen letters from The Monster Il Mostro as Tomasi di Lampedusa calls himself to his eccentric cousins Licio and Casimiro Piccolo One of the book s two forwards focuses on the frozen in time villa these two retired to after the family fortune s decline the Piccolos seem to have been some sort of gay Sicilian version of Gray Gardens mixed with Miss Havisham What you get in those letters is a few flashes of writerly brilliance some appealing comedy a lot of very inside baseball gossip about Palermitano aristocracy all of it seeming to be a web of gay allusions I read in a biography on Google books that Tomasi di Lampedusa did not have homosexual tendencies but his letters are riddled with jokes that suggest otherwise So far so good But you also get a healthy dose of racism and anti Semitism and enthusiasm for Fascism You can justify some of this by the times The letters are written in 25 through 30 so the horrible endpoint of European anti semitism was as yet unknown and casual racism and anti Semitism was fairly endemic in aristocratic Europe at that point in time On the bright side in one letter T di L reports dining with a Jewish friend And we can hardly have expected the author of Il Gattopardo to have been a progressive liberal Nonetheless it is uite unpleasant and unfunny to read T di L s comic take on an Ivory Coast royal he meets in a London hotel including the repeated joke that he thought the African wanted to eat him or his description of going to see the Sargent portraits of the Wertheimer family and concluding that Mrs Wertheimer stank of the Ghetto and Mr Wertheimer might as well have had thief blazoned across his forehead Fairly repugnant stuffAnd then there s this written from Berlin in 1930 describing a railroad trip through Kaunas in Lithuania translation from Italian my own The station was bursting with little Jews come to celebrate a countryman returning to America it was a highly grotesue spectaclethe unbelievable filth of their long green overcoats the sweat which dripped from under their pomaded curls the goaty stink the shrill Oriental shrieks when the train moved the women who fell to the ground beating the air with their feet the extraordinary intensity of life that emanated from those shiny eyes explained many things including the periodic Russian massacres of the Jews sometimes right there at Kaunas Ha ha hilarious they re gross let s have a pogrom Will be hard to luxuriate in the Leopard after thatI think the editors who include T di L s adopted son realize the impression that that letter and the other allusions makes because despite the fact that the express project of the book is letters from European travels to his cousins during the period 25 through 30 the editors include a single letter written by T di L in Palermo to his mother in 1938 in the appendix In that letter T di L expresses sympathy for poor Rosenstingl a Jew suffering under Fascism It s a little too little and a little too late

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Download ↠ Viaggio in Europa Epistolario 1925 1930 104 Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa Iro and Lucio Piccolo in which he describes his travels around Europe London Paris Zurich Berlin. Famous for his 20th century classic The Leopard and Visconti s wonderfully evocative film of the same with Burt Lancaster this slim collection of Lampedusa s letters mostly to his two cousins is a delicious uirky and charming epistolary treat uirky because his deep learning typically combined with his often scatological irreverent humour most notably there are some very funny letters written in the style of a proprietor of numerous models of high uality testicles to gentlemen in such need and the fact that he referred to himself in his letters in the third person as The Monster because of his voluminous appetite for reading the title was given to him by his cousin and poet Lucio Piccolo one of the recipients of the lettersLampedusa was a deeply cultured man loving and being immersed in literature ancient medieval and modern especially Italian English and French He wrote a 1000 page study of English Literature published in 1990 1991 by the Italian firm Mondadori he also wrote an incomplete densely handwritten 500 pages for an intended follow up study of French literature He also loved going to the cinema he s insightful about King Vidor s The Crowd loved architecture and enjoyed bespoke uality made clothesIf this collection was not already a sufficient joy for Lampedusa s sense of humour and impressive sweep of literary references and his easy display of learning and culture with an always light touch he s also terrific at capturing the essence of a place he visits he was a great and regular traveller typically following a circuit that included London Paris Berlin Rome and other vistas and with great relish he conveys his tremendous Epicurean sensibilities As one terrific example let me uote the following on his love for English food But the Monster as he has already given you to understand contains in himself not only an angel but also a pig of which he is proud And as a pig he appreciates and rejoices in fleshly pleasures At times the Spartan simplicity of the pure English cuisine terrifies him But often he is delighted whether he is drinking as he is today thick buttery milk which leaves a trace of cream in the cup whether he is biting bloody steaks which pass on to him the vigour of noble and select young bulls whether he is tasting large thick slices of rosy ham lying on beds of soft real bread and coming from the heraldic loins of the illustrious hogs of Yorkshire whether again at the end of the meal sinking a greedy spoon into the supplies of the lordly cheeses of Chester rosy as onyx or Stilton green as auamarine or Cheddar transparent and amber coloured Because here cheese is not served in prosaic slices but whole cheese are brought to the table and the dilettante I was about to say the lover digs into the tasty recesses rummages in them with a horn spoon and tries them out And the waiters are often so incautious as to leave the multicoloured treasures in front of the Monster and their eyes pop out when instead of three cheeses of about ten kilos each they find only three fragrant but empty shells Isn t that just wonderful I get hungry every time I read it and even now am fantasising about chomping on a giant wheel of cheese And his powers of description extend also to human portraits in particular one very beautiful utterly captivating description of a brilliant curator of The Wallace CollectionBut he s not an absolute star meaning he s not as with all of us without some deep faults far from it An occasional snobbery does come in matters of certain social classes and individuals and he can be uite though rarely horribly cruel in some of his characterisations these are forgivable but what is far from palatable is his unuestioning support of Il Duce and fascism and his barely concealed abhorrence of Jews at one point he cites the Russian progroms as an example of Russian wisdom And if there are readers who say it s unfair to criticise someone of the 20s and 30s being anti Semitic as anti Semitism was common at the time I think this is no excuse for we are all responsible for our individual actions and beliefs and Lampedusa was far from ignorant in his understanding of many other aspects of life and society in generalStill a fascinating insight into a way of life and living that Lampedusa already knew was on the cards Sicilian aristocracy and the aristocratic way of life in general As to the uality of the publication itself there s no complaint save one absolutely almighty one It is the infuriatingly stupid way in which each note to a particular reference in the letters has instead of being numbered been itemised with an asterisk As you turn the pages and the notes inevitably accumulate you find yourself being advised to as an example See first note to p43 to return you to the original note in which that particular reference occurred But then you turn to p43 and find that it is not note you are referred to but the first occurrence of that reference so then you have to go to the turn the pages of that individual letter s notes on p53 for an explanation of that note Bloody hugely frustrating I can understand completely why the editor wanted to be economical and avoid repeating the same notes after all extra pages bump up the cost of publishing a book and this collection may perhaps only interest the most devoted of Lampedusa fans I hope not they re well worth the read but then why weren t all the notes itemised with numbers so that you could be told to in the same example See p53 note 1 simple surelyHighly recommended