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  • 女生徒
  • Osamu Dazai
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  • 04 October 2018
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review Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Osamu Dazai 女生徒 Free read ´ 108 Osamu Dazai Ï 8 Free read Nventive use of language and how it illuminated the prevalent social structures of a lost tim. 35 I go about saying how pained and tormented how lonely and sad I feel but what do I really mean by that If I were to speak the truth I would die Dazai s pain is on these pages His mental anguish and hatred of social s are shown through this discourse of depression and sadness in the eyes of an adolescent his state of mind constantly on display Sometimes happiness arrives one night too late All throughout his life happiness either arrived too late or never came at allThis is Dazai stripped down devoid of cloth or wall

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review Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Osamu Dazai 女生徒 Free read ´ 108 Osamu Dazai Ï 8 Free read E Essentially the start of Dazai's career the 1933 work gained notoriety for its ironic and i. Preface by Adam L KernForeword by Rachael Hutchinson Schoolgirl

review Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Osamu Dazai

review Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Osamu Dazai 女生徒 Free read ´ 108 Osamu Dazai Ï 8 Free read 'Schoolgirl' is the novella that first established Dazai as a member of Japan's literary elit. Mornings are torture Glasses are like ghost Words don t come easy out of your mind and those exact ones which may express what we actually feel are even harder to come by to have congruity between our thoughts and our words is a rare skill However one may not able to put forth the exact words but one may use simple harmless docile words to create an atmosphere of enigma to express one s feelings It may sound uite simple but had it been so then we might not have been reading Dazai Schoolgirl is the Dazai s second book which I read after No Longer Human We don t necessarily have a preamble to a book its review but it often adds a depth and understanding that is otherwise impossible Well in case of Osamu Dazai an introduction might be of great help since he belongs to those authors who write to express their thoughts and feelings per se his understanding of human psychology feelings of different stages of human life is second to none And his own life his troublesome life drug addictions and suicide attempts adds semi autobiographical traits to his works and Schoolgirl is no exception here even though when narrator of the book is a girl The reader may not be able to get away with an inevitable feeling that Osamu Dazai is perhaps not only the story teller but also a participant here as it is the case with most of the books by Dazai The themes woven into the woof and weft of his literary tapestries were so obviously cut from the fabric of his life that even when he assumed the guise of a mawkish female schoolgirl readers have no trouble seeing through the flimsy veneer The close connection between Dazai s life and almost any of his works is immediately apparent although as an artist he naturally did not confine himself to a mere recounting of autobiographical details Schoolgirl depicts the story of a young girl who seems to be in conflict with not only her class but also with her emotions which are so often juxtaposed with how she is supposed to behaveThe novella is uninterrupted stream of consciousness monologue by a bourgeois high school student who has lost her father and lives alone with her mother Almost three uarters of a century later its prescience seems eerie hardly anything about this book seems to have aged least of all the narrator herself who is perfectly preserved somewhere along the road to adolescence The book is immensely simple in construction but this brevity facilitates great imagery throughout the pages Each section that you read and each page you turn makes you recall considering the subtext and noteworthiness of apparently disposable remarks such is the impact of the dialect of Dazai which is so uniue to him extremely basic but then can t be imitated It would be an futile exercise to describe plot of the book to any degree as the novella appears as a day in the life stream of consciousness like a broadened journal section where the youthful hero starts by discussing certain occasions that have impacted her life for example the war and the demise of her dad just to then be diverted some minor detail giving us a look into her mind The narrator of the novella jumps around strong feelings in one paragraph and then contradicting them in the next which represents the mindset of a teenage girl She goes on to touch upon seemingly mundane topics such as her dogs movies she likes her teacher and the garden around her house But all these humble happenings represent her feelings towards life the melancholy she is in to The narrator describes herself with the self loathing characteristic of all Dazai narrators the characteristic which is also akin to Dazai himself She is an eccentric storyteller given to flights of favor and sudden emotional episodes her internal mind is indiscreet and creative however one would realize that as one progresses through the book focus of the narrator shifts upon the pressing or actual uestions about life and her place in it the uestions which really matter in life and the uestions which perhaps haunted Dazai too I would have been happy if he ever whined or lost his temper or acted selfish but he never did We observe an abyss in her consciousness for she is fully aware of her flaws and limitations yet she always imagines for something extraordinary and genuine She wants to live an authentic existence but she doesn t have anything to offer The absurdity of teenage is peculiar to twentieth century s literature we have other examples such as A Clockwork Orange and The Catcher in the Rye which deals with the problem of adolescence but Schoolgirl has perhaps a different treatment to teenage in way that the narrator wants to live life on her own as non conformist but her angst remains inside her unlike the narrator of other books mentioned here The existential tension of the narrator remains unborn in her womb and the narrator lives an inauthentic form of existence which gives birth to extreme loathing of the narrator towards herself However despite an underlying sadness there is also a great deal of optimism in this novella May be something good would happen todayThe body had no connection to my mind it developed on its own accord which was unbearable and bewildering It made me miserable that I was rapidly becoming an adult and that I was unable to do anything about it The truth is that I secretly love what seems to be my own individuality and I hope I always will but fully embodying it is another matter I always want everyone to think I am a good girl Whenever I am around a lot of people it is amazing how obseuious I can be I fib and chatter away saying things I don t want to or mean in any way I feel like it is to my advantage to do soHappiness will never come my way I know that But it s probably best to go to sleep believing that it will surely come tomorrow it will come Schoolgirl is a significant piece of postwar literature in that it uestions and problematizes some serious intellectual issues on power gender and national identity yet it manages to do so in a completely accessible way It was the work which conveyed Dazai s written universe to the cutting edge of the abstract world in post war Japan Inside its pages can be discovered the social s of this period ever where young ladies in Japan were all the while ending up in organized relational unions The young lady in the story stresses over being constrained into marriage to a established man who she doesn t love The narrator is in the process of discovering herself and Dazai s chronicle of her shifting emotional states is masterful The book captures thinly veiled self loathing zany angst wild mood swings and sublime nihility of Dazai in a way that speaks to the disaffected youth in us all It s this strange mix of social critiue capricious daydreams and haunting biographical references that make Schoolgirl such a potent work though like any other works by Dazai this novella may also be emotionally disturbing as it might leave you with a strange of hollowness and emotional exhaustion as if you have become numb towards outer world nevertheless could be an enriching experience for someone who wants to delve into deep abyss of human emotions