E–book [She Wolf Volume 1]

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  • She Wolf Volume 1
  • Rich Tommaso
  • en
  • 20 September 2020
  • 9781632159052

Rich Tommaso ☆ 9 review

review She Wolf Volume 1 109 To her strange transformations through their own personal experiences with lycanthropy and by use of witchcraft Collects Issues #1. Although I really wanted to like it it didn t have the details to pull me in as much as I d like It felt like a vague removed story outline with pictures rather than a full blown literary piece itself I did however enjoy the bonus comic king blood It felt much developed and thought out Hopefully volume 2 will fill some things in for me rather than rushing through and pushing forward in a barely fleshed out series of plot events

Summary She Wolf Volume 1She Wolf Volume 1

review She Wolf Volume 1 109 Begins to experience feverish nightmares that seamlessly bleed into her everyday reality Friends and family help to unlock the keys. Surreal is right the art is very linear and geometric but the story often dips into memories or nightmares waking dreams dissociation it s very difficult to follow around in certain points especially the dream seuencesI understand for the most part what s going on girl is turning into a werewolf doesn t understand why or at least her suspicions as to why could be totally wrong and she is enlisting her new vampire friend in helping her What confuses me is the place they re living at and Gabby s mom is very religious yet halfway through they were talking about werewolves and vampires at a picnic table with vampires like how did we get so chummy with the supernatural neighbors I m just so used to people getting along that even fake people getting along seems suspicious to meThere s a bonus story in the back that s only in black and white and honestly it was a little easier to read Maybe the large range of color in the main story adds to the surreal nature of it but it also distracts the eye a lot and can add to the difficulty in understanding the plotIt was still interesting to read and I will happily pick up the second volume

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review She Wolf Volume 1 109 A surreal exploration in horror SHE WOLF follows a teenage girl who believes she's been bitten by a savage werewolf Soon after she. Oh my fucking god This entire thing was just a big bag of rambling nonsense This is actual dialogueNikki s Mom Where are the girls Are they down by the waterNikki s Dad Probably Nikki s Mom They said they were going to play ping pong earlierNikki s Dad Yeah Nikki s Mom But now Nikki s Dad Yes yesNext PageGabby Holy Shit We did itNikki I know Shush nowDemon Who What Why have you summoned me from Hell How DARE youNikki SILENCE We have summoned you And we have trapped you to do our biddingDemon You seem to know your stuff young girl Okay what do you want from meOk that shit sounds like something my 4th grader would come up with Wait NoFuck that She s better at creative writing than thisAnd you know what the worst part was That was just a random page I picked out and not some glaringly bad example of the writingAll of it All of it was nonsenseOh and the artDo I even need to say anything about it No I don t think so I mean you can see it for yourself right IT BURNSThe blurb makes it sound like this girl is fever dreaming but the reality is that she and her new vampire bff were born that way There s this ridiculous drama in the beginning about some boy she dated turning into a werewolf Then she meets this vampire girl in a bathroom stall at the mall or something at which point they become friends The parents hate each otherthen don tand go to what seems like a BB together And that s where the girls decide to summon a demon Oops Doesn t work out like they expected but Abracadabra it s ok because Gabby reads a spell and sends it back to HellAnd then there s some black and white issue about Vlad Tepes origin story then some ridiculous story how he met Liliththen divorced her in a Court of Hell yes with demon lawyersOh my fucking godThis was AWFUL Run Run away