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Joey W. Hill Á 0 read review Soul Rest Knights of the Board Room #7 100 Kes embracing that path impossible Then Sergeant Leland Keller walks into her life on a crime scene He’s the Dom she’s always feared and hoped she’d meet and he recognizes her as what he’s been looking for as well But she fights submission as much as she longs for it Leland always thought he was looking for a. 5 Sounds like fate to me darlin Stars Soul Rest waited patiently to be read on my Kindle for longer than I care to admit Part of the reason why comes from knowing when I start a book written by the brilliant Joey W Hill there s going to be a major moment for me when she rocks my whole world This moment I wait for and relish with open arms and most importantly an open mind Joey W Hill books need to be savored especially Soul Rest First my disclaimer This book as with the entire Knights of the Board Room series builds around the BDSM lifestyle If this lifestyle is something you don t agree with or can t open your mind enough to try and understand it I strongly suggest you try another author or series This great author deserves only the utmost respect for her craft her words her brave journeys into a world unknown by most In addition if you re reading Soul Rest hopefully you ve read at least Hostile Takeover and Willing Sacrifice first if not the entire series There are crucial plot points in my opinion that help navigate the flow of Soul Rest within the pages of those books I m not a part of the BDSM lifestyle I feel it important to say I don t champion the life However nothing is intriguing than these types of relationships The utmost of unforgiving and solid trust between two people falling in love It s amazing to read The main characters of this book Celeste Lewis and Sergeant Leland Keller meet and embark upon building a relationship revolving around the rules of a Dom and his sub Rather than give you any plot points or even an in depth explanation of the characters I m leaving it at that and instead telling you how I felt in my Soul Rest experienceCeleste and Leland embody the brilliance of this story But we also meet old friends spend time with them we re so freaking lucky to bear witness to some of their most intimate moments I laughed I cried I hurt I struggled and I soaredCeleste drove me insane for about 10% of this book I was 40% in and starting to get antsy about the heroine berating myself for getting annoyed with a Joey W Hill heroine Blaspheme I could hardly believe it Well remember the moment I mentioned above BAM Literally BAM And in that passage that understanding that exuisitely painful classic Joey W Hill moment it all changed It all became so much clear That s the beauty of Joey s writing the slow chipping away at the block peeling back a person layer by layer to discover their motives their hurts their needs their desires Joey W Hill bulldozed her way through my barrier of feelings about this heroine much in the way Sergeant Keller bulldozed his way into Celeste s life and soul She peeled back a layer of my own self my own understanding and opened my mind even the complexities of this kind of giving and taking in a relationship Sergeant Leland Keller knew all along He s no dummy His patience his care his steady hand his unrelenting willingness to give all these traits were making me alive even when I didn t understand But when I did Believe you me Sergeant Leland Keller became almost God like This author makes everything feel so organic like constellations perfectly aligning People falling into each other so naturally even when Celeste was fighting the pull of the attraction there was no uestion about their basic need for each other There is no uestion they belong together and that he s the man who will help her find herself while she s the woman who will compliment him in the best possible way I d be remiss not to mention Ben O Callahan and Marcie Moira The first JWH book I ever read was Hostile Takeover HT will forever remain one of my all time favorite stories because of the story itself and the way I felt when I read it So as an avid Ben O Callahan lover Soul Rest feels full circle to me almost like it s a seuel to Ben s story only not starring him Like it s a tribute to this man to his kinds of struggles to his whole aura as a human being in love and a part of a complex relationship that in reality is truly uite simple Ben and Celeste are kindred spirits as Celeste embodies and shows in Soul Rest much her to dismay all the emotions Ben held caged for so long Maybe because when you feel like nothing you can t believe someone who s everything could possibly see the real you Poignant writing such as the above uote can be found throughout the text of Soul Rest Soulful spiritual writing coercing your heart and mind to open to these characters and this author Passages revealing the inner most demons of ourselves With their exuisite feeling they force each of these characters to find their true selves find their demons The above uote provides the perfect guiding light into the souls of Celeste Lewis and Ben O Callahan It s shows the true self deprecation of two damaged people fighting for survival within a love so deep so pure that they don t feel they deserve Hostile Takeover and Soul Rest alike feel as though they are an extension of the author herself An extension of which she bares her most inner demons her most painful struggles her greatest glories and triumphs Sergeant Leland Keller and Celeste Lewis feel like a tribute to the barriers broken down by Ben O Callahan and Marcie Moira a reminder that love is pain but when you surrender to it your mind body and heart will soar Soul Rest provides an experience I ll always cherish This story of loss love trust and redemption is beautifully poignant as we explore the basic carnal needs of two mates perfectly suited to each other Thank you Joey W Hill and BRAVO Soul Rest is transcendent

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Soul Rest Knights of the Board Room #7

Joey W. Hill Á 0 read review Soul Rest Knights of the Board Room #7 100 Docile sweet natured sub but the heart wants what it wants He can tell Celeste is aching for love and surrender Having served in the military and now as a patrol sergeant in one of Baton Rouge’s most dangerous districts he doesn’t shy from a challenge His job is to protect and serve He’s not going to let her dow. 5 stars 4 for Celeste Leland plus one extra special star for getting of all the characters from the previous books making this the perfect series endingAnother winner from Joey W HillSince I d already read Retribution a free vignette available on Ms Hill s fan forum Celeste was not a new character to me but one I was looking forward to reading about After everything I found out about her in her session with Ben which I would recommend reading before Soul Rest I was glad she was finally getting her happy ever after I had wondered if she would go on to further explore her submissive side and if she would find a good Dom for herself and because I had been in a matchmaking mood Leland had occurred to me I had only met him briefly in Afterlife but it d been enough to think he and Celeste could make a fine couple so needless to say when Soul Rest was announced my reaction was YAY However I did have one teeny tiny concern reading Willing Sacrifice did not go as well as I had expected and I thought that perhaps one of the reasons for that was that I d grown too fond of the Knights stories that I didn t care much about the secondary characters so I was a bit afraid that would happen with Soul Rest but as it turned out I had nothing to worry about Celeste and Leland both proved to be one of those characters I love reading about most in Joey W Hill s stories A submissive who wanted to be a submissive so badly she fought it like a trap That is who Celeste was I had wondered if she would go into BDSM and for the most part I believed she would but that was probably just wishful thinking I should have known it would take a lot than one great session for her to completely embrace it even if that session was with Ben O Callahan Five years after that night that session still remained the first and the last she d had and Celeste had given up on experiencing that again Then he showed up and made her re think everything and along the way proved to be a worthy hero in a series about KnightsSergeant Leland Keller had come to a point in his life where he didn t care to date any until something real special serious came along He had thought that when he found his special someone she would be a sweet docile submissive but then he met Celeste and showed him a bratty challenging sub was what he needed all along That she was what he needed That conviction served him well in the battle for Celeste s heart as she was not the easiest sub to work with but he made it Ms Hill s Knights always make itI complained that it took me a week to read this book but it wasn t because I had problems with it I was out of reading shape but that wasn t the main reason either It was because of something that always happens to me when reading Joey W Hill s books they just pull me in the characters emotions are so well described everything is so vivid most of the times intense I just have to absorb the words slowly and savor them And this book had a lot of words a lot of amazing words So now I can happily say that even though I m kind of ashamed I spent a week reading one book I spent a week reading one amazing book From the moment they met both Celeste and Leland knew the attraction they felt for each other was only the beginning of something serious and long lasting only one of them had trouble accepting that Celeste was difficult any step forward with her was usually followed by two steps back It could ve been frustrating if I hadn t felt terribly sorry for her for denying herself what she most desired and if I hadn t believed Leland wouldn t give up on her no matter what Every time I read anything penned by Ms Hill I feel like I m learning something new about the many aspects of Ds relationships or rituals scenes or toys All the scenes Leland and Celeste had were special for something but one stood out the Ichinawa session Ichinawa is about the connection between Dom and sub using that one length of rope I ll tie only one end of it to one part of you Your wrist your ankle your thighwherever I d like and then wrap you up in it Then I ll unwrap it and do it again Different ways the same way over and over Every time I wrap you in the rope and then unwrap you it reinforces the choice For me to take you then let you go For you to submit and then come back to me to submit again It s as organic as breathing It was incredible The cover reminds me of it Speaking of this is my favorite cover in the series One of the good things about this being a self published book is that it got this beautiful cover I don t think I ve ever found a cover of a book published by Ellora s Cave that I liked This is a nice change Plus it reminds me of one my favorite scenes in the bookI ve said that what swayed me to give Soul Rest the highest possible rating are the parts involving the characters from the previous books Those are the characters that have over the course of six books and two vignettes become one of the characters I love reading most about so when they became a part of this story I well I suealed like a little girl What can I say I m a fangirl of the Knights and yes even while writing my review I couldn t wait to get to the part about themOkay I couldn t wait to get to the part about Ben and MarcieBoth Leland as a police officer and Celeste as a reporter were involved in investigating murders that happened recently That investigation didn t take up much space in the book but did put Celeste in danger While I was sad she had to go through that I couldn t have been happier that it led her to my aforementioned dear characters Since this is the last book in the series I couldn t have imagined it without them I liked seeing them all once but as always I had my favorite scenes They are listed in the order they happened in the bookFirst it s Ben and Celeste s night chat before the big day It was interesting seeing them interacting in a normal situation when the only one I ve read about was that night in club Surreal Even interesting was finding how much in common they have Second the wedding With all the couples in the series we d get to the end of the book before they d tied the knot all the weddings happened in between installments That is why having a wedding in this book was one thing on a long list of what I loved in this book And the wedding being none other than of Ben and Marcie made it one my favorite partsThird was the after party of course If you read it you ll know why But in all seriousness that intimate gathering of the main couples from this series minus Janet Max and some others that I haven t had the pleasure of reading about was a lovely farewell To see them all happy and in love and lust one time before the ending was wonderful Most of all I was happy to finally see Matt and Savannah engaging in a public play They are the couple that s always kept to themselves the most and I ve always craved to get of them since their book Board Resolution won t miraculously become longer no matter how much I wish it I m sad we ve come to the end but I m happy with how it ended Only fitting to end it with a story starring the reporter who dubbed our heroes the Knights of the board room All the books in this series are dear to me for some reason but my favorites are Hostile Takeover Afterlife and Board Resolution and now Soul Rest This review is also posted on Way Too Hot Books blog

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Joey W. Hill Á 0 read review Soul Rest Knights of the Board Room #7 100 Celeste has worked her ass off to establish her freelance blog as a source of accurate crime news for the Baton Rouge area Being a workaholic focusing solely on her career was her choice Five years ago she had a life changing experience in a BDSM club that made it clear she is a submissive but she believes her past ma. Soul Rest is book 7 of the Knights of the Boardroom series but can definitely be read as a standalone Of course the characters from the previous books appear but that doesn t stop your understanding of this particular storyThis time it s the turn of Leland the cop we ve met in previous books in the series to find his forever submissive and it s none other than Celeste the journalist who first coined the phrase Knights of the Boardroom After a late night encounter at a convenience store in a dodgy area of Baton Rouge and despite their initial reservations Leland as an experienced dom can immediately spot the reluctant submissive in Celeste She for her part has had one mind blowing experience in the BDSM world at the hands of the one and only Ben O Callahan and has shied away from the lifestyle her one encounter was SO special she feels sure that anything else could never compare and doesn t want to tarnish that memory so she s very much holding back in her submission and running scared every time she finds herself falling too far under Leland s impressive dominanceSo prepare yourself for two workaholics finding something incredibly special to detract from the horrors of their jobs and an absolutely mesmerising display of Ds What Joey W Hill does so very well is to take us the readers far beyond just the physical experience of BDSM and really get soul deep and feel every emotion with the central characters and to know just how meaningful this all is for them There s plenty of time for this relationship to develop at a natural pace as Soul Rest is one heck of a whopper weighing in at almost 500 pages and this gives plenty of time to explore the growing relationship between Celeste and Leland and also to allow for a starkly realistic suspense story tooI think JWH really is one of the most imaginative and creative BDSM writers out there Her sex scenes are meticulously thought out and planned even though they can be highly complex they live vividly in my imagination and boy are they ever HOT There s an almost ethereal uality to it all as I think there s a reader space rather like subspace that she nearly always seems to generate for me I seem to lose all track of time all sense of the real world and slip under her spell It s almost hypnoticTowards the end of the book after one of the previous couples get married there s a play party which will read like a wet dream for fans of the Knights of the Boardroom series We get to see all the previous characters we ve come to know and love all play together in a post wedding celebration which takes on an almost dream like uality If it be thus to dream still let me sleep It s so SO hot and so SO intense I just couldn t put the damn thing down It s a great way to see all of our Knights and their submissives one last time doing what they all do best Added to all this Celeste s job will put her in danger and will bring out Leland s fiercely protective side as the plot takes a fairly sinister directionSo for fans of JWH Knights of the Boardroom and anyone who enjoys intense and insanely HOT BDSM romance I can recommend Soul Rest Its a real shame that this signals the end of the series which started with just short novellas and really developed into something very special with characters to remember doms to die for and submissives to shudder along with It s been an awesome ride and I can t wait to see what the author comes up with next4 intensely erotic stars