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  • 02 June 2020
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Test Expert: Speaking Practice for CELPIP® Summary õ 108 Speaking task just like those in CELPIP® • high scoring easy to say model responses created by a test expert • Detailed introductions and step by step guides to a. Well I have to say that I think this is a good book but sadly it didn t work for me I wonder if I could get in touch with the author so I may have his insightI believe I have a wide range of vocabulary and that I m than able to deliver uality responses not only in a test setting but in real life I do have an accent and I will always do but this doesn t prevent people from understanding me clearly The truth is that I followed the instructions of this book when retaking the CELPIP and my score didn t raise a point As of January 10th 2018 I need to score 9 points in the speaking section and I ve got 8 twice I also want to remark that I earned a Bachelor s and a Master s degree both in Canada which in theory means that I may be somewhat proficient in EnglishI however want to be objective and give Test Expert 2 stars because I think it is well structured and may even help test takers outline the responses in the writing section Notice that this book won t help you build new vocabulary If you re lacking words to express yourself this is time to start hitting ESL booksChristian if you get in touch with me help me figure what my mistakes were and your advice help me raise my score I promise to write a solid new review For now I m still wondering why your book didn t help me achieve the expected results

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Test Expert: Speaking Practice for CELPIP® Summary õ 108 Written by a test expert withthan years of experience this book gives you everything you need to raise your speaking score for CELPIP® • speaking topics six for each. Good

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Test Expert: Speaking Practice for CELPIP® Summary õ 108 Ll eight speaking tasks • Practice exercises and study tips to help you deliver effective responses • Dozens of useful words and phrases for natural accurate speaki. This book helps you only on structuring your responses However most sample responses presented in this book have the same boring structures which would definitely not help much in raising your scores I believe the raters already know all the boring formulas presented in this book by now and wont give you high scores for using themIn addition A good structure does not guarantee that you would get high score especially structures using low level grammarswords You also need to fulfill other aspects of speaking such as vocabulary with some high level words sentence complexity etc Attending the webminar info sessions organized by celpip will be really helpful You will have better idea of what the raters are looking forIf you rely on this book the maximum score you could get is 7 provided that your English is uite well eg you can use English in normal daily situation comfortably and you are lucky to have familiar topic such that you could use some high level wordsAlso if you end your responses too early like some of the sample responses posted on youtube for supporting this book they have about 10 to 20 seconds left your scores will likely to be negatively impactedTo be fair if your current score is about 4 5 this book would definitely help you achieve 6 7 However if you would like to raise your score from 6 7 to 8 and above I dare say this books wouldn t help muchI would recommend the author to focus on all aspects of how speaking responses are evaluated