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  • Paperback
  • 336
  • The Typhoon Lover
  • Sujata Massey
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9780060765132

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Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Sujata Massey The Typhoon Lover Download ☆ 104 Sujata Massey ¾ 4 Download N the Japanese American antiues dealer and part time sleuth finds herself with an assignment to find and authenticate an ancient Middle Eastern pitcher that disappeared from Ira's national museumThe piece is believed to be in the hands. I think this is my 4th Rei Shimura book read out of order I m not sure why I m reading these books out of order but it does seem to make the series a little bit less predictable for meAll my reviews of the Rei Shimura books are gonna be pretty similar I think Sujata Massey is an excellent writer The writing flows well and I really enjoy the exploits of Rei the description of Japan when she s there Japanese culture her love life etc As far as this being a spy or mystery book it s only so so But I keep being drawn in every time I finish another book It s the book version of binge watching a TV show I just can t stopIn this book she is sent to Japan to look into a looted Irai treasure While she is there she runs into her ex this part confuses me as I m reading the series out of order and I don t know what happened between them Meanwhile a strong typhoon throws everything into chaos I strongly recommend that anyone else read this series in order

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The Typhoon Lover

Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Sujata Massey The Typhoon Lover Download ☆ 104 Sujata Massey ¾ 4 Download A young woman with a foothold in two cultures Rei Shimura has gone wherever fortune and her unruly passions have led her throughout her chaotic twenties Now after the streamers for her thirtieth birthday celebration have been taken dow. The Typhoon Lover by Sujata Massey follows Rei Shimura s eighth venture into art world mysteries Rei is recruited by the American government to help locate a stolen Irai artifact that they believe has found its way to Japan the country that holds Rei s heart and that she was tragically banned from following a previous adventure In exchange for a visa that allows her to return to Japan at will Rei reluctantly agrees despite her misgivings about the possible involvement of her ex boyfriend in the theft of the artifact Once she arrives she finds that the arrangement will be much complicated than it first appeared involving government officials her ex s new fiancee and a typhoon that threatens to tear the country apartThis novel grew on me as I read it but the first act felt clunky to me because it is in the middle of the series the author dealt with the past plot by making heavy handed allusions to past events even at points where it took away from the flow of the scene Once Rei arrived in Japan and was established in the new setting those allusions became less and less freuent and it felt like Massey focused in on the story at hand Even so the set up of the mystery was slow going The stakes of the novel felt low for the first two hundred pages or so when a twist shakes up the mystery and gets the pace moving faster While I don t feel that it lived up to being a novel of suspense as advertised on the front cover the book still held my attention for the detail of its setting and the complexity of Rei s character As a biracial Japanese American woman the way she described her experiences of not fitting in either in the United States or Japan brought a depth to her and her interactions with the other characters including both her Japanese and white family members The Japanese setting itself was detailed and fascinating with intricacy in describing not only the actual place but customs and culture in a way that felt realistic and not fetishistic While this particular novel was not my favorite The Typhoon Lover is a great read for someone looking for a mystery with an emphasis on the setting s atmosphere and on the depth of a main character This also is great for a reader who doesn t mind a slower pace focusing mostly on details rather than action at least until an exciting end and who prefers a serious tone veering on the dark at a few points in the book

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Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Sujata Massey The Typhoon Lover Download ☆ 104 Sujata Massey ¾ 4 Download Of a wealthy Japanese collector whose passion for beauty extends to Rei herself But when a devastating typhoon hits Tokyo Rei is trapped with the object of her investigation and with much much than the fate of an ancient pitcher at ri. Just when I was about to give up on this series it got interesting again The previous two books with entirely too much navel gazing being done by Rei were painful to read This one picked up the pace again Which is a real relief Looking forward to the next instalment