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  • Dead Woman Walking
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  • 06 August 2018
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CHARACTERS Dead Woman Walking FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Sharon J. Bolton Sharon J. Bolton é 0 FREE DOWNLOAD Ame time a hot air balloon crashes out of the sky There’s just one survivorShe’s seen the killer’s face – but he’s also seen hers And he won’t rest until. 45 stars Dead Woman Walking is a cleverly crafted thriller jampacked with twists and turns Brimming with tension and terror this book had my heart racing until the very last page Jessica Lane surprises her sister Isabel with a hot air balloon ride to celebrate Isabel s birthday While enjoying the view all 14 people on board witness a horrific event that sets forth a chaotic and terrifying ride that ends in tragedy Jessicathe lone survivor is being hunted by a killer But there s a lot to this story than what it seems People s instincts for self preservation will nearly always outweigh their social conscience As the narrative shifts from past to present revelations come to light concerning a nefarious crime syndicate corrupt cops and dark secrets about Jessica and Isabel s past While there are multiple plot lines all seamlessly converge to expose a horrendous inhumane crimes This book kept me guessing there were so many surprises that I was never uite sure where things were going or how it was going to play out I especially loved the nuns and peacocks I could not put this book down Highly recommend I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

CHARACTERS Dead Woman WalkingDead Woman Walking

CHARACTERS Dead Woman Walking FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Sharon J. Bolton Sharon J. Bolton é 0 FREE DOWNLOAD He’s eliminated the only witness to his crimeAlone scared trusting no one she’s running to where she feels safe – but it could be the most dangerous place of al. A fantastic thrilling traveling sister read with my Canadian sisters Norma and BrendaWhat could be a better birthday present than a hot air balloon ride Jessica treats her sister Isabel to an experience of a lifetime But of course this special treat ends in tragedy with most of the balloon party dead and the remaining survivor running for her life Why won t she go to the police for help What is she so frightened ofI had a hard time connecting with this book in the beginning So much happening from different angles that I kept wondering how or even if it would all come together Left me confused and felt like I missed something along the way Told in different timelines I occasionally found myself stumbling to keep track Finally near the half way mark I was supremely confident I had it all figured out So when the first bomb shell twist occurred it just about knocked me off my sofa At that point it s like a run away train don t look away or you ll miss something huge Turns out the book is jammed packed full of curve balls And I only managed to figure one of them out Perhaps losing my touch NoSharon Bolton is just that good Bravo So be patient it is absolutely worth the wait for all the twists and shocking momentsIf twisty thrillers are your cup of tea then you will love this oneTo find this review along with our Traveling Sister Read Review please visit the Traveling Sister Read Review section of Brenda and Norma s fabulous blog you to NetGalley St Martin s Press and Sharon Bolton

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CHARACTERS Dead Woman Walking FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Sharon J. Bolton Sharon J. Bolton é 0 FREE DOWNLOAD 'Bolton is a gripping storyteller with fine haunted characters' Peter JamesJust before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border a man murders a young woman At the s. This is the latest novel from one of my favourite authors It is classic Bolton with her familiar trademark elements that readers love atmospheric and compelling writing great characters multiple threads and killer twists This is set primarily in Northumberland A surprise hot air balloon trip is Jessie s birthday gift to her beloved Isabel her sister and a practicing nun There are 13 people in the balloon including the pilot on this unluckiest of trips where a killer is observed in the act of committing murder Unfortunately he also sees them particularly Jessie assiduously taking photographs of him on her phone Everyone ends up dead except Jessie something the killer intends to rectify as he hunts her down Unable to go to the police there is to Jessie than we might expect as she fights to stay alive against all the oddsWe learn of Jessie s family history of an unexplained trauma that occurs that revolves around their brother Ned which Isabel refuses to speak of and Jessie s unhappiness when Isabel becomes a nun despite not being a believer Jessie is a freuent visitor to Wynding Priory through the years becoming closer to all the nuns The bond between the sisters is so close that Jessie gives voice to her fear that the death of Isabel will be the end of her The remarkably well informed killer is an adept and skilled hunter who it turns out has his own family trauma Detective Superintendent Ajax Maldonado of Northumbria police is in charge of investigating the Hot Air Balloon tragedy and when it becomes clear that Jessie is alive tries to locate her to discover what occurred With a rising body count disturbing fears of a yellow house in the north amongst migrants and the connections between the multiple threads becoming clearer there is a thrilling and tense finaleThis is a story of ghosts trauma obsession unreliable memories and what families will do for each other It outlines the horrors waiting to befall migrants and how a family history can come to be distorted It is about the difficulties of coming to terms with loss and grief There are sufficient clues to see some of the twists coming The short chapters make this a fast paced read whilst heightening the levels of tension and suspense The characters are well drawn and form the backbone of the novel I particularly loved the wonderful nuns who add some great comic touches to a dark story Just a fabulous book This is a must read for crime fans and I cannot recommend it highly enough Thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC