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    characters Dying to Learn Oberto Airaudi Î 9 free read PDF/EPUB Dying to Learn Not really my thing Airaudi or Falco is the founder leader of the Damanhur movement and this the first of three books is a sort of spiritual testimonial or scripture for the movement maybe? It's a uick read and I was recommended this so I don't

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Dying to Learn

review Dying to Learn 109 RCritshna attempts like the prophets before him to help humanity spiritually ascend Yet OroCritshna finds few students who are ready to become Initiates Will you understand his messages of Truth Love and Light The next two books in the Falco series are entitled Reborn to Live Second Book of the Initiate and Seven Scarlett Doors Third Book of the Initiate These books will be released in 2013 by The Oracle Institute Press LLC an award winning micro press located in Independence Virgini.

characters Dying to Learn

review Dying to Learn 109 Dying to Learn is the premier book in a fictional trilogy written by Oberto Falco Airaudi founder and spiritual guide of The Federation of Damanhur in Italy Originally Falco wrote the Initiate series to teach students at the Damanhur Mystery School and to honor Damanhur's Temples to Humanity which are often called the Eighth Wonder of the World Now Falco's books have been translated into English and are being offered to the public at large Dying to Learn is a futuristic novella in wh.

read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î Oberto Airaudi

review Dying to Learn 109 Ich an Avatar named OroCritshna comes to Earth after a great cataclysm to teach and to guide the resurrection of the human race OroCritshna is a time traveler and a Master Soul and he alone possesses knowledge of our sordid history and our Divine potential In this dystopian future Capitalism has failed and an End Times of our own making has left our world in chaos Humans are disillusioned and our planet once again is shrouded in superstition ignorance and darkness In this wasteland O.

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