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Suzys Case Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook When Henry Benson a high profile criminal lawyer known for his unsavory clients recruits Tug to take over a multimillion dollar lawsuit representing a tragically brain injured child his instructions are clear get us out of it; there is no ca. Poor Suzy She is in the hospital fighting her body She has sickle cell disease It is where the sickle cells break apart and die leaving the person with a shortage of red blood cells Suzy s mother June has been by Suzy s side every moment The doctor comes to check on Suzy The doctor leaves the room to talk to June when suddenly there is a scream Suzy is in her bed looking like Linda Blair from the Exorcist The next thing Suzy is confined to a wheelchair for life June filed a malpractice suit on the hospital and the doctor and has been fighting it for six years Tug is an attorney He has been given orders to shut down June and Suzy s case as there is no case For Tug he believes this is going to be a uick open and close case This is until Tug sees Suzy and gets to know her Now Tug is fighting for SuzyWow Mr Siegel really knocks it out of the park with Suzy s Case I like Tug s brassy cocky attitude Although I must admit that in the beginning I thought he was a jackass All he saw when he first saw Suzy was a pile of money Luckily Tug turned a new leaf and got to know Suzy the sch weet girl I dare you not to fall in love with Suzy Suzy s mother June is a firecracker and has the balls to back up her attitude I like when she got mad that her ghetto side would appear June and Tug paired nicely together I actually did learn from this book I learned about sickle cell disease and how the whole malpractice suit works Not that I ever hope to find myself in a malpractice suit as no one really wins in my opinion Yeah the victim may win a boatload of money but what did they have to lose Mr Siegel infused his knowledge of being a personal injury and malpractice attorney into this book The way that Tug got his evidence and handled the court scene is something that only a professional would know and can share Suzy s Case is a winner It is just what the doctor ordered

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Suzys Case Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Only sharpens his obsession with learning what really happened to Suzy in a Brooklyn hospital Did she suffer from an unpreventable complication from her sickle cell crisis that caused her devastating brain injury Or did something else happen. This was an interesting and entertaining read It s the first mystery I ever read about a personal injury and malpractice attorney Tug the attorney is uite a character and his marriage is uite entertaining in itself Suzy s mom is an awesome advocate for her daughter and how a mother s love can be a force of nature The supporting characters are also interesting as well as entertaining The mystery kept me interested and it had a nice pace to it This is the author s debut novel and I think he did a great job His characters were very nicely developed and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twists I hope we will see stories from him

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Suzys Case Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Se Yet the moment Tug meets the disabled but gallant little Suzy and her beautiful resourceful mother June all bets are off When his passionate commitment to Suzy’s case thrusts him into a surreal often violent sideshow the ensuing danger. You may also read my review here Wyler is a personal injury lawyer who has taken on cases for a high powered criminal attorney Henry Benson The problem is part of the deal with taking these cases is they re sight unseen and often than not put Tug in unenviable positions with his client Usually these cases involve felons trying to commit insurance fraud and Tug would rather get reprimanded by the Office of Professional Conduct than represent this kind of client However when Benson hands him Suzy Williams file he has no idea that this will be a very different kind of case one that he ll want to see through even if it destroys his careerSuzy s Case begins with the incident in the hospital that supposedly led to Suzy s current condition six years later Suzy Williams has sickle cell anemia which through complications has led to her current condition which is severe cerebral palsy and spastic uadriplegia Also her intellectual development has been compromised and she only functions at a 2 year old level The intro read a bit awkwardly to me but once we got past that and onto Tug s narrative I was pretty much hooked right away Tug Wyler is middle aged married with three kids has a beautiful receptionist that s been with him for 10 years and takes none of his crap and has an eye for the ladies which he ll never act on but flirting is certainly not out of the uestion He s also smart mouthed rather obnoxious and funny as hell You d think someone like Tug would be the absolute wrong person to handle a case like Suzy s but you d be wrong Aside from the smart mouth Tug s also sharp as a tack and there s a heart of gold lurking underneath the obnoxious exterior Benson claims that Suzy and her mom June have no case but Tug believes otherwise and against all of his better instincts decides to fight it out as far as he can One of the best moments and most heartbreaking is when he goes to the independent exam of Suzy by the doctor hired by the hospital and Suzy won t open her arms because her scar embarrasses her Tug makes a connection with her and really sees this beautiful damaged little girl for the first time not as a paycheck but as a person He s really sort of built a bit of a wall around him because of what he does and doesn t allow himself to get emotionally involved and that wall comes down for just a little bit The author knows his stuff because he s a personal injury attorney himself and he manages to detail the case and the ins and outs of medical litigation without talking down to his readers or getting bogged down in jargon and it s actually uite fascinating He also has a gift for some of the funniest dialogue I ve read in a long time and there were uite a few laugh out loud moments for me I was reminded at times of the Stephanie Plum series which I love and I can see myself getting as attached to Tug as I am to Stephanie I mean how can you not love a guy that gets a tingle in his nether regions when he s getting close to a breakthrough on a case There are lots of twists and turns in this one plenty of thrills and perfect for when you want something funny in between darker reads This debut is pure fun and I ll look forward to Tug s next case